Georgia Track Making Big Effort!

First off, I am NOT a representative of Lanier Speedway, so some of this info may be inaccurate.
The Lanier Speedway, despite of the economy, is making a HUGE effort this season. During the winter, they have:
-hosted the new Speedfest, with big crowds and big car counts
-purchased the GAS Series which will now be based out of Lanier
-started GAS Radio, which will broadcast all the GAS races
-announced a $50,000 bonus to any late model driver who can win the GAS Series, Laniers weekly series and Laniers Six Pack Series. $25,000 if a driver wins 2 of the 3.

I still think Lanier has too many support divisions, which is the reason for mediocre car counts in those divisions. But, they are getting it! People will still pay good money to see good late model shows.
The casual race fan has stopped going to local races because every show is no different than the last race he (she) attended. If you want to put people in the grandstands, you have to run late models (dirt or asphalt) with full fields, big money and lots of hype. The casual race fan is not going to repeatedly pay money to watch 6 car fields of 1970’s and 1980’s vintage cars, run 50 lap features.