Rate Your Track

With today’s economy, it is hard for both fans and drivers alike to drive far for a race. But just in case there is some of that “spare” money, how about helping out your fellow racers and fans by rating your home track so they know what to expect.

Scale is from 1 to 10, 10 being best, 1 being worse.

A few categories that fans and drivers both look for when going to a new track:

Price of admission
Helpfulness of track officials
Friendly frontgate and backgate employees
Speakers - Can you hear
Announcers - Can you understand
Clean-up times for Cautions
Food - Fair Price - Outrageous Price
Quality and quanity of Food for the price
Programs - do they have one to help know the racers
Website - helpful or not
Rules - do they stick to them and not change them

Here is your chance to help out your fellow racers and fans by rating your home tracks. Consider yourselves the promoters and let people know why they should come and spend money with you.

Have FUN!!!

I travel 110 miles one way to go to Volusia and I would have to give them a 7 or 8 on all categories you listed except they don’t have a program which not too many tracks do nowadays.There are other tracks closer I could go to on Saturday nights but I don’t mind the drive to VSP as long as gas prices stay where they are right now.The closest track to me is Bronson which is only a 20 minute drive but I prefer dirt and good fields of cars which VSP usually offers.

we don’t have a home track

our job keeps us from racing ever week but we don’t miss many races

i would have to say that citrus county rates a 10 plenty cars lot action good clean driving bumper to bumper excitement fast cars no junk . friendly people
all personal go out of there way to make you feel welcome allways lot cars

we drive over 125 miles one way so it must be good and plenty parking places and don’t take all night to get races over with and got good food

what else could you ask for price are ok and it ain’t follow the leade

next east bay is *8 good show lot cars plenty action

auburndale is ok needs some cars needs do something to track to get another grove follow the leader or run over the car in front of you ain’t racing it’s about # 7 owner is ok guy

charlotte county no cars no comment – orlonda no comment ain’t been there in forever friday night i guess are for people that don’t work

This is an excellent idea, so I’ll contribute. I live in Altamonte Springs, so you’d think OSW would by my home track but NSS is actually closer to me due to my proximity to I4.

Since I’ve been on both sides of the track at NSS, here goes:

Price of admission - I think it’s fair.
Helpfulness of track officials - When I’ve been in the pits, I’ve found everyone to be super helpful and nice.
Friendly frontgate and backgate employees - I think the girls working the concession stand on the spectator side are the nicest and friendliest I’ve ever seen at a track. Backgate employees are very nice.
Speakers - Can you hear? Ha ha - you’re funny. Which is a shame because our buddy here is a great announcer.
Announcers - When there is no racing, you can hear him.
Clean-up times for Cautions: This year has been terrible. The TBARA races were totally unacceptable during SpeedWeeks for clean-up times and getting to the drivers involved in the accidents.
Food - Fair Price - Outrageous Price
Quality and quanity of Food for the price - On the spectator side, NSS has great food in my opinion. I love the potato pancakes and also Yuengling beer, when they have it. And I also like that they have healthy food options as well. Infield food? Some of the worst I’ve ever had. And too expensive for how awful it is.
Programs - do they have one to help know the racers. I’ve bought them when available. I thought they were very well done, especially two years ago for the Governors Cup where there was the big spread for autographs, which I got filled up by the drivers.
Website - helpful or not
Rules - do they stick to them and not change them? Can’t really answer that. I’m only in the pits for touring series races.

The racing can be hit or miss. TBARA shows are great. The series formerly known as Sunbelt Series can be hit or miss. Car counts in some classes were very low last year.

Overall I give NSB a 7-8 with a good car count for the locals and also for TBARA shows.

A few categories that fans and drivers both look for when going to a new track:

Price of admission$10/Adult, $5/Stu/Sen 11 and under Free
Helpfulness of track officials Friendly & Courteous
Friendly frontgate and backgate employees The BEST
Speakers - Can you hear Most of the Time
Announcers - Can you understand Unless he gets real EXCITED
Clean-up times for Cautions As season progresses so does clean up time
Food - Fair Price - Outrageous Price Great Prices
Quality and quanity of Food for the price Best in the State, some times to much quantity
Programs - do they have one to help know the racers No just nightly schedule
Website - helpful or not Website great-thanks Jack & Jane
Rules - do they stick to them and not change them When we make a rule we stick to it…best tech man around

sorry i left out columbia speedway

i have never been there but i know they got some good people running it and if they ran open wheel mods we would come and chase jason garver down heard you all had fast track track we will get up there some day

seeya ron abney SR # 64

Could you really chase Jason Garver down? That car of his is pretty fast…

New smyrna

First of all let me say I love racing. New Smyrna is one of the few tracks I’ve been too since I gained an interest in racing here. 5-6 yrs. In times back 2-3 yrs ago the econeomy was better and i have contributed about $10,000 - $12,000 into various race cars. A few hundresd $'s into sponsering a stricktly stock race and was seriously considering sponsering a truck race this yr, $2,100. WONT happen!! Hers’s my rating:
1/ Track, meaning the track, the asphalt, the place you race! 8-10!
2/ Officials; Some r my friends, you HAVE to be friends with some after 5-6 yrs. overall 5, at best.
3/ Fairness; (rules, treating everyone the same etc. 1-2 on the best night.
4/ Rules? What rules??
5/ Cost of admittance?? Which wouldnt be bad if it weren’t for 2-5.
I was told by an official on 4/14/09, Sat night as I drove my pick-up into the pits to buy $550 worth of tires at 3:15 P.M. that I would have to take my P.U outside of the pits, that there were no none tow vehicles allowed in the pits. At 5:45 THE SAME OFFICIAL CAME OVER AND GAVE ME GRIEF AGAIN ABOUT THE TRUCK. I ASKED HER WHY WAS SHE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST me, (sorry about caps, mistake) She had no answer only None tow vehicles were not allowed in pits. All this after I’ve contributes thousands to racing at New Smyrna!! I counted and wife took pictures of 27 “none Tow” vehicles in pits and took pics of them. EVERYONE knows this is going on. Several more were parked on the hill. The track promotor has promised me an phone call for 2 weeks for an explanation as he wants me to sponsor a truck race this yr which I was on the verge of doing. He has not called yet!!! I’m convinced New Smyrna does not care about hte little guy but guess what? They ARE going to treat me equally!!! No none tow trucks in pits? Fine. Form a line and I will lead them out, untill then arrest me and we will bring this to a head real quick!!! Don Woodsome