Race tracks saved

The owner of the Gypsum Express race teams heard that 2 speedways in NY might be sold for development and condos. So this is what he did.

[SIZE=“4”]Gypsum Express owner to buy two local tracks[/SIZE]
Saturday, March 21, 2009 By Doug Elkins Contributing writer
Businessman and race-team owner John Wight once said he would never own a racetrack again. He had owned and operated Can Am Speedway, north of Watertown, for three seasons, ending in 2003. But when he heard some potentially bad news concerning two Central New York racetracks, he decided it was time to go back on his words. On Tuesday he put in a purchase offer on Brewerton and Fulton speedways, and Thursday it was accepted.

You can read more at: http://www.gypsumracing.com/

A big Thanks to John Wight. I never made it to Brewerton, but Fulton was one racey place (as was the Can-Am Speedway which was also mentioned). It would have been a tragedy to lose both of those tracks (about 1/2 apart) at the same time. There are still a bunch of other tracks in that region, but there are plenty of cars and fans to support all of them.

They have each been in business at least 50 years that I can recall. Hope another 50 is in the works!