How Many Miles To/From Atlanta

Who cares, what’s that got to do with anything?

Cause I am leaving right now for OCALA INTERNATIONAL DIRT TRACK.

Gonna go see those Late Models do their thing on the dirt. Always a good show up there (and I don’t mind the drive - its always worth it).

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If you can go to Ocala old friend, be sure to come to Volusia one Saturday and see the Late Models there. And if you do, let me know, and I will find you. Even the “kid” who is almost 17 now, will be there working. Just let me know and I will find you.


Hey Bob…

Good to see you yesterday at Ocala International Speedway.
Last time I saw you though, you were trying to decide between the pit or grandstand concession for the 1/4 lb. Zuber dog.
Wait, I remember now, you were going to do BOTH…LOL
Good to see ya.:ernaehrung004:

Yep To The Both of You

Jane, I will get there sometime in the future… never been there without enjoying the show. Wow… the kid’s 17… time sure goes by fast.

Jimbo: Yep, I was trying each of the stands and doing quite well, (but contrary to popular belief) I also enjoy races.

With all my other (eating), Owner Mike came up with that promised “New and Improved” Super OCALA Speedway Hamburger". Great fresh “Never Frozen” all-beef burger was super just as Mike had stated it would be. Thanks Mike!
OSF has never turned down a free burger.

WOW… That Kid in the LM 26 was balls to the wall. I had never seen him before and just thought it was some young skinny kid… WRONG AGAIN OSF… that guy can driver. Very impressive as he got around Pratt and Williams and got a second out of a great LM Race… Late Models are always a great attraction at OCALA for me.

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