Can You Believe This Ad - How Times Have Changed

“Well, hate to tell you, but it looks like you have the early stages of lung cancer… How about a cigarette to calm you down”?

T for throat and T for taste… hahahaha
i remember all the cigarett commercials. i smoked 3 packs a day! since i was a little kid! I quit in 86 and now have emphysema and cannot sing anymore…
they take tang off the market because a rat drank 300 gallons of it and died of cancer. ;-)aspertame, the artificial sweetener is one of the most dangerous things a person can ingest… its in everything! but millions have died from smoking, directly and indirectly… how many innocents died in fires because of a careless smoker. how many animals in woods that caught fire…
i dont know how anyone can afford them! and no matter how clean we are, we stink! i remember one time i got all dressed up for a special party at a dive club i ran… a guy in the club hugged me and he said"Geez ya smell like a dirty ashtray." he was a health nut non smoker… that was a couple weeks before i quit. i had on clean clothes, showered and expensive perfume. ;-(
well… there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker but i guess you get the point. if you can quit…today is the day… GO FOR IT! if you smoke 2 packs a day thats about $8… $240 a month… isnt that a set of tires?
carolwicks aka OZZIE

[QUOTE=carolwicks;24363] $240 a month… isnt that a set of tires?

Sorry Carol… Add a couple of hundred to that for a set…


Have a great day all…

do you remember when

racing was dangerous and sex was safe