Why are in this Business?

[SIZE=“4”][SIZE=“3”]This was a e-mail I got from Robert filling in for Bob Culbterson for the video’s of the races.[/SIZE]

I know in the world of working with people and customers you usually do
not here the good stories only the bad or problems, so that’s why I
feel you need to hear this discussion I had last night with a fan at
the track. I thought you may want to share this with your staff and
let them know that there hard work is paying off and the fans are
having a blast and enjoying themselves.

I was on the video stand shooting video for Bob when Jason asked the
Question who was at CCMP for the first time when a guy near by me
raised his hand. We got to talking a little bit and I found out
actually it was his second trip but the question was not asked on
his first night so he raised his hand tonight. As the night went on
and got later we talked more in the cautions and he had a few
questions about some of the class’s and drivers. He said that he was a
fan of the TBARA series and had watched them at many track, but lived
in Cape Coral and this was the closest track to him. After the sprint
car race he is now a Fan of the Checkered Flag Sprint series and
commented on how he was impressed with that race. He went on to tell
me that he liked the track and thought everyone who worked there was
friendly and felt welcomed and that the environment was friendly and
inviting. He was not going to stick around for the thunder truck race
because there were only four trucks but I told him they usually put on a
great show evens with low counts, so he stuck around and I think
enjoyed that race as well. As he was leaving he shook my hand and said
he would thanked me for helping with his questions about the class’s
and said he would see me next week. Also that when I spoke with you to
let you know that you were doing a great job and he loved the track,
and that it is becoming the talk with his racing friends in Cape Coral.
If I see him next week I will try to find you to introduce you to him
one of your newest fans.

Just thought you and staff would like to hear the positive stories
sometimes. They work so hard to put on the best possible show for
everyone and sometimes the good things get over looked. Keep up the
great job guys.


Entertainment is the answer.

[SIZE=“3”]Thanks for the letter Robert.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE][/SIZE]