Another GREAT night at CCMP!

There was a wonderful crowd and so much excitement. all new faces and some we had not see for awhile! Great racing by the fab 4’s, pro 4’s and outlaw street stock! monster trucks put on a decent show. the motorcycle stunt drivers were UNREAL… jumpin about 30-40 ft. in the air and landing on a ramp! i cant measure but it sure was high!
Can hardly wait til tomorrow night. Open wheel mods! AND returning monster trucks! PLUS MORE!
carolwicks aka OZZIE :smilie_bett:

Yeah What Ozzie said. Awesome night. See some below.

Motorcycles were pretty hairy too.

Simply put.

[SIZE=“7”]BE THERE!!![/SIZE]:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

The reality of it.

[B][SIZE=“4”]Carol and Bob you are right it was a GREAT night of Hard Racing, The Pro 4’s saw Cody Benoitt won by 2" at best after 35 laps. The Fab 4s stole the hearts from those new Fans (the little kids). And the Out Law Street Stock never let you down. The Monster with 1700+ Horse Power simply put. Car Crushing!!! Last to add but not the least in any measure those Sky Devils on the Motor Cycles. When the one fell (CRASHED) I thought it was a trip the undertaker. Or at least the Hospital.
The “MONSTERS and Motorsports” concept was the melting of the two Worlds of Motorsports and it was awesome. End result is NEW FAN!!! Tonight’s Show will FEATURE some Fan winning the Q- LOTTO. Along with The Q-Auto Injury Attorney’s “Open Wheel Modifies”, Mini Stocks, and those Cars of Yesterday (Where the “Cars are the Stars”). Bang for the Buck at it’s Best!!!
Thanks for the support.
Bobby Diehl

PS: The Charlie Daniels promoter was on hand and is VERY EXCITED about the “MUSIC and Motorsports” Event on June 6th. Where the Q-Auto Injury Attorney’s will be back for the Q- Qualifier. Along with The “Juniors Trim Show” Sportsman. And the Pro-Challenge Series. We keep trying to bring the SHOWS that will bring FANS OLD and NEW!!!
Again THANKS!!

Bob, Real nice shots of the motorcycle. Make a poster out of them.

Hey Bob

How bout I e-mail them to you and you make a poster. I have more and will probably take more today. I am all loaded up ready to go. These 3 day shows are killing me. The motorcycles travel with the Monster trucks and I’m not so sure but what they put on a better show for me. Now the little guys really got into the monster trucks. They have one that has a bed in it for carrying passengers. I think it has seatbelts. That thing ran from early yesterday afternoon till late last night. The kids and adults alike were mobbing it. Its been a long time since i’ve seen such a crowd on Friday night. The last 3 day was good on Friday buit I don’t think it was as good as last night. Most came to see the monster trucks. We only raced 3 classes and were they ever good races. Car count was decent in those classes too. Hope to see you soon . Bob…

Awesome Pics

Thank You Carol, Mr. Diehl and Bob.
See ya inna few hours…