Where Am I??

[SIZE=“3”]OK all you dirt Guru’s, where am I??

(Somewhere in Florida)[/SIZE]

Lady Lake?

Jim, that looks like the little GoKart dirt track in Lady Lake. I’ve never been to a race there but drove by the place with my wife on our way Town Square at the Villages. My wife before she passed, liked to hear the live music there and, I use to take different back roads up there. Just a guess.

OSF Thinks

It might be that little go-cart track on 301 just before the cut-off for NAS-JAX. But the size of all those tires laying around have me a bit confused (but that’s not unusual).

Come on JF… tell us where you were.

OSF: :ernaehrung004: :ernaehrung004: :ernaehrung004:

[SIZE=“4”]WOW…DING…DING…DING…DING…We have a winner!!!


Man…just can’t slip nothin past the Old Silver Fox.

Let’s see…I had the first prize around here somewhere…oh yeah…here it is…Ocalasp76 donated a blind date with the model that posed for “Why Raincoats Are Yellow”. [/SIZE] :grinser010:

Jim Fenton

OK, now how did I do this:

[SIZE=“4”]Ummm?a few possibilities do come to mind?..

1.) You just completed your Master?s Degree in Photoshop.

2.) The guy that makes your hats lives in Lawtey, that speed trap just south of here.

3.) Your nephew is operating the excavator that appears in the background.

4.) Your still dealing with that nasty rash you picked-up way back while dating those walking petri dishes at Dixie Hollins which has now resulted in weekly shots at the Mayo Clinic in Jax which brings you right past this location.

5.) You are actually a high-ranking member of the Obama Support Foundation and are scouting rural sites where the empty suit currently occupying the White House can have another rally in an area where most of the attendees can?t string a whole sentence together or will ever have an original thought.

6.) You went directly to this location after seeing my pics and deliberately took a picture of your hat on this post just to drive me batty. (short trip by the way)

Soooo?.am I getting warm?? :smilie_abcfra:

Closer Than Warm

#3… you noticed that too… boy you were looking hard to see that.

I would have to say it is somewhere between #4 and #6
Don’t actually have a rash, but did have to go to Jax on Tues. Co-worker/Secretary was retiring after XX years in the Transit Business and I needed to be there to see her enjoy “Her Day”.
SOOOOOoooo as I was driving north, I thought it would be neat to do something regarding your pic’s and that track. Actually was thinking about putting my truck on the track where you could see “Old Sunshine Fan” on the windshield, but the gate was locked, so I just slid (yes - I said slid) thru the fence and set up for that pic.

Good “Figuring” JF… can’t pull the wool over an OLD FOX’s eyes (can I).

OSF: :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

WTG There Young Man…

[SIZE=“4”]Yeah, ya had me going there for awhile but due to the change in the background (the equipment working) and the accuracy of the rest of the shot in the foreground I knew it was likely that either you or someone you knew had gotten back by there in the few days since I had been there.

I had been up to Jax myself the previous Monday & Tuesday (20th & 21st) for the Navy CQM Training course at UNF and was beat-feeting it south on 301 Tuesday afternoon on the way back home when I saw this little old dirt track and had to turn around and investigate.

I have no idea what’s going on there with the ownership, racing program, etc., however, by all appearences it didn’t look very promising. The gate was actually broken and laying down where you could drive around it and there was a sign on the shed behind the office that read: “All Go-Karts and parts for sale”. Somebody has been freshly grading or dragging the surface of the track though as evidenced in your photo and in mine so maybe there is some sort of program going on there.

At any rate: Good one young man![/SIZE]:ernaehrung004:

It’s called Maxville.