CCMP Late Model Practice Tonight

I just left CCMP about an hour ago and There were at least 15 late models allready there practicing for tomorrow and there a lot more of I know that never come untill Saturday, that will be there tomorrow. I would bet there are going to be over 25 strong at the race, Should be one heck of a race that you wont want to miss.

Also there were about 10 to 12 fast trucks allready at the track and more trailers full of cars and trucks were pulling in as I was leaving.

Join in the fun Saturday night for one heck of a show Under the Big Top as Bobby would put it for this weeks Flying Circus. :slight_smile:


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CCMP & message to some of you!

i am so proud of our track… things have changed in such a huge way and the whole atmosphere is happy… the crowds are big, the drivers are all talking positive things, the staff are working together. is it perfect? no nothing is perfect… but its a big bang for the buck…
we are all trying to ignore the doomsayers and just focus on positive energy and continually thinking of ways to satisfy everyones favorite type of racing… From children to old timers… from karts to the fastest stock cars on wheels… we are filling in some nights with concerts and “specials”… monster trucks, motorcycle stunt riders, harley parades, concerts…and some kick a$$ racing!
the staff arent sitting at puters promoting… they are out on the streets devoting their time, money, and energy into reaching out to the public and bringing them to CCMP… every week besides our regulars we are seeing alot of new faces. wouldnt shock me if they bring in horses for a mini rodeo! lol
Bobby and others in charge are going thru the stands and meeting people!
well. Call Bobby anything you want… IT IS WORKING!!! he brings people joy. he is an entertainer! He has a heart of gold and unless you know him personally you dont really know him at all of us, bobby has made mistakes… he is trying to turn it all around and he darned sure deserves that chance! he has helped alot more people than he has hurt! Thanks for listening…
Oh by the way… i am a Christian (not the best but I try to be kind and loving)… i do NOT follow any cults and i make my own decisions! i have never slung BS and trust me when i tell you… i have no fear of being honest. so all you foolish immature people on other sites … grow up and take care of your own tracks before they are plowed fields…you have a couple of followers who think you are pretty funny. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY…you are immature and you are afraid of decent good competition. Thank you because decent people are coming to CCMP because they are sick of your hatefullness and cruelty. we know who are fooling and teasing us and we know who is out to hurt us. we arent lame brains. :wink: You know who you are! You cant hurt me because i wont let you. The racing communities in Florida know me well … they know i have worked hard promoting this sport for many years… i have helped more people than you can imagine and i sincerely always look for the best in everyone…and they are NOT paying any attention to your cruelty. The world turns… my God, my savior Jesus will make it all right in the end…its all good in my world.
have a great weekend… be safe on the roads and your race tracks and God bless…:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:
carolwicks aka OZZIE