Putnam,what a joke!!

This place is more like a 3-ring circus rather than a stock car track.No car count to speak of.From what I was told by drivers in attendance the purses flat out suck.If you listen in to their radio frequency you hear some babbiling idiot who should just shut the hell up.This clown dosen’t have a clue as to what hes doing, believe me.I watched countless cautions and cars that broke axles and the like.Is this place for real??What happened to this track?I can remember the place packed beyond belief a few years ago and now,forget it.Then to top it off you have some announcer that I don’t know what race he was watching.I didn’t see any 3-wide racing like he claimed.I’m sorry but I work hard for my money.I’m not going to spend my dough to watch a bunch of 4cyl. junkers,6 modifieds and 1 sportsman which had to run with the modifieds.Stay away from this place unless you like throwing your money away.WHAT A JOKE!!