DAARA show, anybody go?

OSW and NSS this past weekend. :ernaehrung004:

yes i did

frist time seeing them hey i like it its cool to see the old cars

I saw them Friday night at SpeedWorld and they had a good show. Quite a few Stocks showed up plus they had Midgets and Sprints. Also saw them when they were at Volusia Speedway Park not long ago and they had a great show and a good turnout. Sorry you missed it but maybe next time.

Thanks, I am trying to get down for either Palatka or Lake City. I know they have new names but that is what I remeber.
Hope to have the car FINALY finished and fitted to me with the custom by crash leg. :ernaehrung004:

That would be Putnam County Speedway and Columbia Motorsports Park unless you are talking about the dirt track in Lake City and that is North Florida Speedway.

Hope you get to make one of them and hope your car turns out just the way you need it too. Good luck and hope to see you one of these days.


Please be sure to post your next race in Florida . I saw the photos of your car , i’d like to try to see it at the track .

June 6,2009 Putnam County Speedway (Palatka). Need the car teched by DAARA first then just go from there. If I can not run it for some reason I will put somone else in it JUST to shake it down. Car has not been on track since 2007 at Grandview Pa where it won.
If I can keep all my ducks in a row it should work out fine for that date.
PS: I have not been on track since 1968 in Pa.