Attention all Desoto Bombers, Alburndale V-8 Bombers,Citrus V8 Thunder Stock $500.00!

[SIZE=“4”]Attention all [SIZE=“5”]Desoto Bombers[/SIZE], [SIZE=“5”](Not the) Alburndale V-8 Bombers(sorry your racing)[/SIZE],[SIZE=“5”]Citrus V8 Thunder Stock [/SIZE][SIZE=“7”]$500.00 [/SIZE]if we get 20+ cars.
This is the time to be see by a huge crowd. Come be part of [SIZE=“6”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”. [/SIZE]You are the feature event!!! It will be a special day for our Military Family. Here’s what else is happening!!!
The NEXT Edition of [SIZE=“6”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”[/SIZE] will be a salute to our Fallen Soldiers. The Grand Marshall is ***Star General Jim Shelton. The parade laps will Feature the SW Fla. Sky Driving Team directed by Commander Roy Torgelson. There will be 4 Color Guards on hand to present the United State of America Flag. They are the American Legion, DAV, VFW, and the Manatee SHS All Female Color Guard. We well host the Manatee SHS Student body. A live display of the Military Heritage Museum vehicles. And we are working on a Fly Over by the WWII War Birds. WOW if we can get this all pulled of it will be [SIZE=“6”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”. [/SIZE]But, wait there’s more We will feature the Future Leaders of America Cub Scout Pack 330.
And if that’s not enough how about the races:
FASTRUCK’s Pro Touring 50 Laps
TQ Midgets
Thunder Trucks DOUBLE POINTS
Mini Stocks
Figure 8 Race
So if you love the Military and or Racing you may not want to miss this one.
Just another night at CCMP.
Thanks for those who believe and support CCMP and how we promote.
Bobby [SIZE=“5”]“The Colonel”[/SIZE] Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::ernaehrung004::huepfen024:

Obama way of doing things

I wrote once that Bobby Diehl could have the right idea about running his track like Obama would. Well, its here. 1st, naming tracks, 2nd, implying that they (these tracks that are listed) are not able to provide big enough crowds for the drivers. Whats next, suggest that these same tracks close on their own or he will decide who will run them. If you have pack crowds in the grandstands and good car count why isn’t that enough for you, why try to get other cars from tracks that do you no harm. Next it will go from colonel to the “President” in his name.

Another boo hooer.

Can not find the Alubundale schedule but it looks like the other two tracks that class is off that night.


Sorry Rex I thought your Bombers were off.

[SIZE=“4”]Opps, I was told that everyone had these type of cars off. Sorry Made a mistake. I took some one information and did not look. I try not to do it again. All you Alburndale go [SIZE=“6”]TRILL your FANS[/SIZE]. They love you. Support your tracks when they are racing.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Whats the rules?

I might be interested in making the trip this weekend. This is not a weekend I had planned to run. Just a couple of questions…

  1. How much will it cost to enter this race? Want to make sure I bring enough cash. Please break this down slab fee, pit entry, extra fee to enter the race.

  2. I have set my car up to meet Desoto rules. Motor rules springs etc…
    What is the tracks position on visiting racers? Is there any waiver?

I would like to plan to race with you a few more times this year, however I am not going to make motor changes (spend major money and time) to race a handful of races.

I have reviewed the Roadwarrior rules and see no major advantage/disadvantage between the 2 tracks rules. Your spring rules allow enough leeway that should bridge the advantage/disadvantage. Motor rules state .450 lift cam with vacuum rule. Desoto .420 cam with compression rule. I have had my motor set up both ways this year. No real major difference in how the motor performed just a change in where the power band curve is.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

Randy we would love to have you. Anytimes Desoto not running!!!

[SIZE=“5”]The race is 50 laps. We count the yellows. $10 slab fee with a $50.00 entry, but it can be taken out of the pay. Last place is $60.00. We have done away with the vacum rule. The rest are the same. So call all your Friends and have a fun weekend (we do a Fan Autograph session with everyone) with what should be a HECK of a crowd!!! Call me if your coming 813-817-7223.
Thanks for your interest!!!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::ernaehrung004::sport009::huepfen024:

Randy we would love to have you. Anytimes Desoto not running!!!

Thanks for your interest!!!
Bobby Diehl[/FONT][/SIZE]:huepfen024::ernaehrung004::sport009::huepfen024: