OK South Florida Racers.....

[SIZE=“4”]…Who is this guy??

I honestly don?t know who this is, or where I took this shot, but with the handful of details available on this picture, I?m sure one of the South Florida historians here will nail it pretty fast if no one else does.

I took this picture of the 1957 Chevy number ?X? Late Model with the right front corner knocked off of it in 1967, but for the life of me I can?t even remember where it was. However, given the background, I would guess NSS.

As far as the origin or driver of the car, it appears to be a South Florida car because the beginning of the sponsor?s name on the right front fender says; ?West Hollywood _ _ ?. The last part of the sponsor showing on the door reads ? _ _ Drive In? but that could be anywhere.

Probably the most revealing detail regarding the driver?s name is the last name shown partially on the roof which looks like it says ?Ragan? but not sure of that either. Could it be Charlie Ragan?

The only number ?X? Late Model I knew back then (I think it was this era) was Randy Tissot. However the name on the roof doesn?t look anything like that.

How bout? it sports fans, who is this guy??


There was a driver named Teddy LaFleur that raced in the Miami area during this time and his number was “X”, so that would be my guess :confused:

[SIZE=“3”]Beats me MCM.

I did see LaFleur’s #X pictured somewhere online when I was researching this car for an ID awhile back so you could very well be right. However I discounted it at the time because the last part of the name showing on the roof doesn’t look like it spells “LaFluer”.

Given the amount of South Florida folks that view this site and post here I’m surprised no one has identified this car yet.

I figured at least if Westerman or Marty saw it they could call it right out. It’s probably just a matter of not much traffic happening down here at the bottom of the page more than anything.[/SIZE]

Charlie Ragan - 1967 Orange Blossom 100…

[SIZE=“4”]Thanks Dave, and thanks to Marty also.

I knew if no one else could ID this car one of you two guys would likely nail it.

I too perused your site as well as Bruce’s and could only come up with two number ‘X’ cars in that era down south, Ted LaFleur & Randy Tissot, however none of their cars matched any of the writing that’s on this one.

I also had three other photos of other cars I had taken at the same event but all three have turned dark to the point that nothing is legible with exception of the number ‘300’ on one of them but I can’t make out anything else that would have helped identify the race track, etc.

Thanks again for going the extra mile on this one![/SIZE]