OK FLVideo..an easy one!

[SIZE=“4”]OK Bob, you shouldn?t have any problem with this one.

From Sunshine Speedway, after a Tornado win in 1974, who is that grouchy looking driver in the center?



Couldn’t be Jim Kelly could it?

[SIZE=“4”]YES…it could!

Yea!! We have a winner!!

OK there Off-Stage Announcer…what do we have for Bob’s prize today??..

Hello?..Off-Stage Announcer??..Anybody there??..

Bob - We seem to be having some technical difficulty with your prize on this one but don’t worry, I’ll make sure whatever it is that it gets out to you right away! :grinser010:


This is the first time I have been here Jim. I’ll have to visit regularly and keep up with the rest of the old farts. Some of us old farts have to work all the time.
Thanks for sharing Bob…

[SIZE=“4”]Ur preachin to the choir there on that one Robert. I put in 60- plus every week on my regular gig but still try to jump in here with some fun stuff once in awhile.

Y’all come back now ya’hear?[/SIZE]:grinser010: