OK A-Dale Fans & Historians

[SIZE=“4”]OK A-Dale fans and historians, you should get this one right away!

What year was this Super Weekend scheduled which included Wide World of Sports on hand taping the Tournament of Thrills not to speak of Dr. Paul Bearer early in his career?

I blanked-out the dates because that would?ve been a no-brainer to anyone that can read a calendar but there?s enough clues in this Promo for any A-Dale fan to hit it.

Top half of Promo:

Bottom half of Promo:


I’m going to give it a wild guess how about 1975 :smilie_abcfra:

[SIZE=“4”]Nope…sorry![/SIZE] :frowning:

Should be 1970

[SIZE=“4”]Nope…sorry Rick.

Y’all are in the right decade though![/SIZE] :aetsch013:


1971 or 1970 i think:grinser010:

Probably 1974…

1975, I was 17 years old

[SIZE=“4”]OK boys & girls Dave has this one nailed. It was 1974! Congrats!

Here is the Promo without the dates blanked-out. As you can see, 1974 was the only year in that decade that the 23rd & 24th fell on Saturday & Sunday respectively.

This was also Dick Bennick?s second year on WTOG ? Channel 44 in St. Petersburg as the popular Dr. Paul Bearer. He played the role on into the early 90?s on Channel 44.

I don?t think this Tournament of Thrills segment shot at A-Dale was ever aired on ABC?s Wide World of Sports though. If it was, I can?t locate it in their archives.

Hey Dave, while you?re poking around down here with us older guys, can you help me out with an ID for THIS RACER?

I posted it previously with the no responses so hoping that the ?master historian? can help me out here.

Thanks man!

Ah, Dr. Paul Bearer, I remember him well. The days before cable TV, Saturday afternoon Creature Feature on 44. In a sinister laugh he says something like "While we watch the rest of the movie I’m going to enjoy a bowl of “lice krispies”. And then always wrapped the show up with “See you next week, until then, I’ll be lurking for you”

[SIZE=“4”]Yep, I remember seeing ol? Dr. Paul cruising on Gandy Blvd in Tampa a few times in his 1963 Cadillac Corpse-Deville Hearse. I understand he would often ask people on the street as he passed by or at a stop light; ?Going my way?? or ?Lurking for a ride??.

His famous catchphrase; ?I?ll be lurking for you? was on the back of the hearse.[/SIZE] :teufel021: