Largest Snake Ever Found...

[SIZE=“4”]The largest dead snake ever found.

Over 50 feet long!

The clip is titled ?Cobra? but this whopper looks more like it?s in the Constrictor family to me. Either way, this thing must?ve been something when it was alive & kicking!

Largest Dead Snake Ever Found


Damn It!

And I just bought these new skivvies.

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u r a…

no good son of a b&*^^&%^%ch! you nearly killed me… rofllllllllllllllll
think thats an anaconda and you are a low down snake in the grass! OWWWWWWWW

[SIZE=“4”]Did we wake you guys up??

Nothing like a good ol? shot of adrenalin to get things going huh?



theres another one that goes around every once in awhile and i fall for it every time. it really scares me out of my seat… did you guys ever hear these words? HEART ATTACK! id hate to die from a message board post! but i might! hahaha