Looking For DRIVERS over 60

Looking for some of the drivers that still might be around 60 or over.Can anyone help me find some of them?:huepfen024:

how do you mean, “find them”? are you just looking for names? do you want people who are still racing or is any old timer good?

Ron is still racing and i’m pretty sure Eugene Davidson ( frequent mini-stock racer at Auburndale he won last night, been racing since Eau Gallie ) would qualify. i can come up with a couple more names if retired guys would fit your bill.

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Well, I fit that bill. What do I win? Need cash, have enough trophys.:sport009:


I am trying to find some of the racers who would be willing to race a race .I am trying to see if there are drivers out there who still have the urge and just would like to race a race and have some fun.I was trying to remember
some of them and if they were still around .Like Jimmy Castleberry,Eddie King,Cassey Jones and so many more…If you know where they might be or how to get in touch with them…I would really like to put this together for a special event at Columbia…Just a thought nothing for sure yet… Gottaaaaa find the drivers first them I will work on when .Thanks ,Joyce


How about A.C. Morrow and Oral Tanner. Both are local to Columbia.

Call Dickie Fairey , nobody in that area knows more of the old timers than he does . And good job of keeping down the negativity Joyce .

I am pretty sure Boneman is close.

Eddie and David King and Casselberry still race once in a while at A-Dale. Add to that list Dave Dunkin and Perry Lovelady (I think he is about 60?). There might be a few others, I’m not that far behind them!!

I am trying to maybe get a race on for what someone is calling vintage racers.I am calling them the teachers of the trade.If anyone has any ideas on how to get some of there phone numbers so that I can call and ask them if it is something they might do .
Can’t do it if they don’t want to do it…
AJ14 who are you?:huepfen024::huepfen024:

Yea Aj

Just who the hell are U?

We’ve all been wondering… U sure put some good stuff on here.

Where U Bee
Where U come from
Where U headed (perhaps hell, if you don’t change UR ways.)
U sound like you been around fer a LOOOOOOOOoooong time.

OSF: :ernaehrung004: :ernaehrung004: :ernaehrung004:

I’ve often asked myself that question , usually after copious amounts of alcohol . When i come up with an answer i’ll post it here first .

Good answer AJ. But watch out, OSF gonna git ya.

Can you guys help me find some more of these drivers .I am going to put this race on not sure of the date just yet.I know it is sure going to be great to see them all again.Already have some yes I will be theres.So come on guys and gals help me out the more we find the more fun it will be.Thanks Joyce
Oh yeah boss man says no oxygen bottles or ac allowed.LOL

i would love it but need to drive our open wheel

as long as don nerone is gonna be in it – as many times as he has suspended me for fighting and rough driving at golden gate we are still friends

i would like to beat on his fenders a little be lot fun ha ha ron abney

count me in if we can get off work and if it’s not a police rotation holiday

Thanks Mr.Abney,I will add your name to my list.It’s growing and I am getting excited about this race.I think it is gonna be loads of fun for sure.If you can think of anyone else please get in touch with them and tell them to post it on here that they will come up for this race.Thank you so much. Your a real great guy Mr.Abney. Joyce