Five (5) Easy Questions...........

  1. How long have you been viewing KARNAC?

  2. Number of Florida Tracks have you visited (lifetime)?

  3. What is your favorite class?

  4. Dirt / Asphalt?

  5. Who’s post do you enjoy reading the most?

OSF’s Answers -

  1. Not sure, but I think about 8 years ? ?

  2. About 10

  3. LM/SLM

  4. Always Asphalt, but sure enjoy Dirt (more each time I go)

  5. Without a doubt, OCALA76, President STFU, Florida Local 69

Give it a try… wandering minds would enjoy knowing.

OSF: :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

  1. for about a year on the old board?

  2. Jax, Eau Gallie, Vero ( maybe Fort Pierce too? ), New Smyrna, Orlando, Volusia 1/2 dirt, Ocala paved, Lake City, Citrus, Auburndale, Punta Gorda, Old Hendry County, Daytona, Sebring.

  3. i … don’t really have one down here?

  4. asphalt

  5. toss up between Razpewton for the great photo-shop work and Osmosis for the psychedelic vocabulary.

  1. About 8 years or so.

  2. Orl. Speedworld, New Smyrna, New Hendry, Hialeah, Homestead - Miami, 5 Flags, East Bay, Golden Gate, Gainesville Dragway, Speedworld Dragway, Desoto, Charlotte County, Citrus County, Fla fairgrounds Speedway, Bronson, Jax Raceways, St. Johns County (St. Augustine), Putnam County, Volusia Speedway (dirt x 2), Voluisa Speedway (asphalt x 2), Suncoat Dome, Daytona Speedway (oval), Daytona Speedway (road course), Lakeland (1/4 mile), USA Speedway (Lakeland 3/4), Ocala (dirt & asphalt), Daytona Municipal Stadium, Auburndale Speedway, Columbia County (aka - Gateway Int’l.)… (32?)

  3. Either Dirt Sprints or Dirt Late Models

  4. Dirt, hands down. Asphalt is rarely even close

  5. Osmosis Jones, Boneman, Todd McCreary and AJ14 are always interesting. Honorable mention has to go to OSF, OcalaSP76 and our long lost friend Doodewamp!


WHAT…No Sunshine ? ? ?

That would have been the most important one.

Not sure if there’s any track in Fl that you haven’t been to.

OSF: :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

  1. 4 years

2)19… Five Flags,Bronson.Ocala,Citrus,Sunshine, Desoto,CCMP, Lakeland,Orlando,New Smyrna,Daytona,Volusia,East Bay,Fla Fairgrounds,1/4 mi Lakeland,Golden Gate,Lake City, Putnam Co, Homestead

3)Wing Sprints, TBARA

4)Like Asphalt, Love Dirt (grew up in the N.E. watching DIRT Modifieds)

  1. Jim Fenton

Thanks for catching that one OSF. I did see MANY great nights of racing there, and when it came to eye-candy, there is still no equal. Hottest girls at a racetrack, anywhere!

As for tracks in Fla that I haven’t been to, I know I’m missing West Florida Speedway and Southern Raceway, both far out into the panhandle, and North Florida Speedway in Lake City (which until a few years ago, I never would have considered going to… always looked like the place had been abandoned for years).

How about Clarcona Horesmans Park. They only run 1/4 Midgets there, but they held a “Nationals” event there each year, and had somewhere around 500 teams a year coming to that event. The year I went, among the crowd were Mark Martin, Bobby Labonte, Dave Blaney and Randy Lajoie, who were all there helping their kids out.

How about Little New Smyrna Speedway, in the infield of the big track? Again, a 1/4 Midget only track.

  1. Ever since it came into existence…

  2. Orlando Raceway (Taft), OSW, Eau Gallie, Ft. Pierce Speedway, Golden Gate Speedway, Sunshine Speedway, East Bay, Plant Field, New Tampa Fairgrounds, Winter Haven/Auburndale, New Smyrna (both dirt and asphalt), Volusia (both tracks - both configurations), Citrus, Bronson, Ocala, Putnam County, Hialeah, Palm Beach Fairgrounds, Miami-Hollywood, Florida City Speedway, Clewiston (Now Hendry County), St. Augustine, Charlotte County, JAX Raceways, Lakeland (saw races on the original 5/8ths track, the 1/4 mile, the road course and the new 5/8 USA Intl), Desoto Speedway, Zephyrhills (Vintage Races), Sebring, Daytona International, Daytona Memorial Stadium, Columbia Motorsports Park, Lake Fairview Park (Quarter Midgets), Clarcona Horesman’s Park (Quarter Midgets). Went to Sunbrock Speedway and Lake City Speedway but never actually saw a race at either location…

  3. Sprint Cars of any kind…

  4. Dirt is hands down more fun to watch…

  5. I enjoy all the posts and have hired an interpreter so I can read Ron Abney’s posts…

Hey Dave

Didn’t you go to that track in So. Florida that had the WOODEN SLATS (that they raced on).

I bet a bunch of these “Newbees” never heard of such a place. They kept carpenters on hand to repair the boards as necessary during the races.

Hell, Dave, your so old, you probably annonced at that track.

Fulford-Miami Speedway… I was very “board” when I announced there

Fulford-Miami Speedway in 1925 before being destroyed by a hurricane (State Archives of Florida).jpg

Racing at Fulford-Miami Speedway in 1926 (State Archives of Florida).jpg

How big was the track, it looks huge.?

I googled it… 1 1/2 miles, with 50 degree banking, the track was destroyed in 1926 from a hurricane, and the wood was used to rebuild the city of Miami.

you could not take patches to that track

if she got a splinter in her rear she might fly out on the track :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

Thanks for the input RONNIE, but when I am on the road to different tracks, PATCHES always stays inside the HOMELESS SHELTER.

osf you are just too cool i want you to bring patches

with you one night when i happen to meet ancdave so you can help pull my foot out of his asssssssssssssssssssssss … i don’t make fun of how ugly he is so he shouldn’t worry about my spelling ====================:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

PATCHES is kinda shy (plus I told her years ago that I was the only person she could trust - that all other guys are only out to do her harm or even CHOP HER HEAD OFF).

Hey, don’t hurt AnncrDave… he’s a good guy (ugly as hell - yes, but a good guy)… he has been around racing longer than I have been alive… he’s a good anncr - some people have said he don’t know shit… but I am here to tell ya…the man does know shit - as a matter of fact, he has a Masters in shit. However, if you need help pulling the ole foot out of Dave’s Poop Shute…we’ll all hook you up to a snatch strap (don’t get excited OCALA - thats a long strap used to pull stuck vehicles out of the muck).

AnncDave even mis-spelled a word once…it was when he was in the third grade, the teacher just made him get another peice of bark and start over.

yeah guess i’m a little sensitive about spelling shi------

but maybee they ought to get over on something else . if you can’t understand what i say it might not just be me cause if you are crossed eyed it is also hard to read :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

  1. A year maybe???

  2. Golden Gate Speedway
    East Bay Raceway Park
    Volusia Speedway Park
    Both Lake City Speedway
    Ocala Speedway
    New Smyrna Speedway
    Auburndale Speedway
    Sunshine Speedway
    Daytona International
    Hialeah Speedway
    Desoto Super Speedway
    Plant Field
    Tampa Fair Grounds

  3. Latemodels

  4. Dirt

  5. Everybodies. Because everybody has goods ones, funny ones and some
    history to tell!!!


      • 1 YEAR
  1. 4
    Bronson , CMP , N. Fla. ,Ocala

3.All ,RACING is RACING even if it’s turtles

4.Aspalt and Dirt , RACING is RACING
They both have their own good and bad quality’s

5.All of them


This is so gay…oh what the hell…

  1. About three years I guess…

  2. Oh geez…raced at or just been to?

Desoto, Sunshine, Golden Gate, Auburndale, Orlando, New Sumatra, Barberville, East Bay, Tampa Fairgrounds (old and new), Plant Field (as a wee lad), Saramana, Lake City (the one by the Interstate), Ocala, Charlotte County, Citrus County(Inverness), Bronson, Five Flags, Hialeah, Daytona, Jax Raceways, St. Augustine…I’m sure there are more…

  1. Late Models and Sprints

  2. When I was still a youngster and my pop raced at Saramana, Sunshine and Golden Gate…I couldn’t imagine ever racing on anything but asphalt. Then when Dad told me he was going to race at this new dirt track that was opening up in Tampa (East Bay), I was like…WTF?..but all it took was one practice night to turn me around. I became a staunch dirt fanatic. All I dreamed about after that was getting to drive a big-block modified up north. I got to race at East Bay for a while and LOVED it…then we ended up racing back at Desoto when it was built and raced a lot of years there.

I guess I love both surfaces but I’d have to say driving a winged sprinter on the dirt is about the biggest handful of racing fun I’ve ever had. So there ya go.

Simple questions, my ass.

  1. There are so many. Geez.

Jerry has a vast knowledge of racing that covers such a large geographic area AND a vast demographic of car classes. AND he always has beer which alone could vault him to the top of the heap.

Todd has a dry and sarcastic wit to rival myself but has a much wider range of general knowledge that he can infuse into his posts. Maybe I hate him…I’m not sure.

Rex is everybody’s bud. Rare is the post when he is critical of someone without merit. When he does it’s always well deserved and comes with a solution or explanation to the problem. And I hate Bandeleros too.

Dave Westerman and Marty Little…some day I hope to be locked in a room with these two men…'s racing photos and clippngs collections. They could be there too, I guess, to explain them all to me and tell me stories about the Florida racing era that I love.

AB195…this guy…never a bad word about anybody. Just a love for searching out and visiting old and long forgotten racetracks and the sites where they used to be. He also enjoys good racing too and that along with a cold beer or five, makes him one of the guys I would sit and watch races with anywhere.

Jim Fenton…he has slowed down his posting as of late but here is a guy who was THE MAN (if not one of THE MEN) in his heyday back in the 70’s, had enough of it and walked away from racing. Never looked back until recently, luckily for the rest of the Late Model racers in Florida. No telling how many Florida State Championships or GovCups he would have taken home. Now he shares his vast knowledge of racers and their careers with the rest of us through his stories and photos. Thank you, Mr. Fenton.

For good times and fun its a toss up between the whole crazy bunch of usual suspects. EDM, OSF, Ocala76, AJ, Fred23, Old Style, Benny, Haudfan, Tripper, larrytg (where ya been, man?), Michael Seay, Bean and the Wingman (Roger)…Sometimes it’s a freakin’ monkey house in here and sometimes it can be as dead as a tomb. Even when I was placed on the disabled list, I tried to keep abreast of what was goin’ on with ya’ll. And I thank all ya’ll for that.

Okay…that’s enough of this crap.