The Racer's Dream or ....

The Promoter’s Nightmare?

so anyways, i keep hearing all of these stories about how this race track is going to be built and that facility is in the planning stages or the old defunct war horse is being rehabilitated and brought back after 30 years off, etc etc etc.

if one if every three of these stories came through, Florida would probably be paved from Key West to Pensacola. :grinser010:

so, since we all know what the internet is for ( spreading lies, misinformation, innuendo and slander ), why don’t we all post the great local stories about how race track x is in the works near you.

i’ll start us off with southern Brevard and Indian River County, Mr. South can grab the latest angle on Moroso.

Eau Gallie - references to the now defunct plan for a Melbourne Motorsports Park can still be found on the internet:
Eau Gallie fans everywhere cried the day this music died.

Okeechobee - word that the owners of the old dirt track are thinking of opening the gates there again

Palm Bay South East - the Space Coast/Treasure Coast motorsports conglomerate burst onto the scene this spring with a web site and business cards ( although they don’t have any property yet :smilie_abcfra: ). there’s a lot of talk about something happening “Real Soon Now” and now they’re getting newspaper copy:

Palm Bay South West - heard talk a couple of years ago about how a Florida promoter was working with some big money men, they were talking about a huge complex west of Babcock near Centerlane Road that was going to have a 3/4 mile track inside a 1.5 mile track inside of a 3 mile track. all of them ovals. talk about overkill. :huepfen024: and not a single one of them small enough to watch a good race on. :frowning: i have no idea how they expected the sight lines to work on the larger tracks.

Saint Lucie County Fairgrounds - supposed to be somebody looking at putting a track in a track out west of Fort Pierce

Vero Beach / Gifford - we have a Bud Jenkins sighting! yes, good old Bud is talking about bringing back the old Vero Speedway property. this time as a moto-X track, who knows what plans might develop in the future? last i heard he was supposed to have the permits in hand and might be up and running by 2010…

probably at least half of the old speedway property is still 30’ under water but i see he’s got a dozer in and has started knocking down the spoil piles and smoothing things out. keep an eye on this space!

back when the economy was roaring local government were fat, dumb and happy and putting the screws to everybody who was trying to put in any kind of industry. now that tax revenues have collapsed, they’re not as fat, still really stupid but not very happy at all. they’re likely to start begging for somebody to do anything before too long. :grinser010:

don’t forget fort meade just south of bartow florida

had a good start on a real nice dirt track and i still got my rule book
he had lot done on that place and poof ------ nothing what happened :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

added two more