Wrecking under caution

I would like to know when it is acceptable to wreck someone under caution. I was hit under caution last night in the left rear tire / drivers door. He hit me hard enough to move the rear end forward about an inch on the left side on a metric chassis. This was no love tap; he knocked the hell out of me. Afterwards, I asked the flagman why this guy was not black flagged. He told me that he would not black flag anyone due to low car counts. So, when is this acceptable?

He told me that he would not black flag anyone due to low car counts.

so, SO shortsighted.

Hey Tim…

That sort of thing has happened twice this season at Bronson. Both drivers were told to load up and not come back, even with an average car count.
Those types of calls can result in a low car count. Who wants to get their car torn up every week when we can just go to another track.:huepfen024:
I may be coming to Bronson for a practice this Friday if the parts for my car come in. Maybe see youse there.:ernaehrung004:


And that’s exactly what I expected to happen, put him on the trailer, at least for the night. IMO, it is never acceptable to try to take someone out, especially under caution. I never saw it coming nor did I expect it. But the other drivers actions were not the main issue. The track allowing it to happen was the main issue for me. I’ll be at Bronson Friday night. I might have the wrong gear, but I’d at least like to get a feel of the track before I jump out there to have my butt kicked.

Hey Tim

Where did this happen and who did it?

Gainey Speedway

Also known as CMP. And the car was a yellow #7 with blue flames driven by Jason Kite. I’ve always gotten along pretty well with Jason, but it would not be good for the 2 of us to be on the same track at the same time again now that I know that CMP allows this type of behavior. But then again, considering the track, it might be a select few that are allowed. I posted a more detailed article on the front page of my web site if your interested.

If your car still ran, you should have gone after him right then and there. No, its not acceptable for him to crash you under caution, but if he starts it then you need to finish it.

That is a drag. I know you don’t go racing to have stressful conflicts, but it happens to everyone sometimes.

I was driving my brother-in-laws car and did not want to damage it. Had I been in my car, we would have needed two rollbacks and I would have been banned. But I won’t be back. It is not worth my life.

I posted a more detailed article on the front page of my web site if your interested.

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The first group is usually the largest, but has the biggest turnover of drivers. The second group is usually the track favorites and allowed to pass tech without much scrutiny. The third group is ones that provide the excitement for the track. They keep things interesting because no one ever knows who they are going to wreck next.

i will agree that this is too often the way things are, but it is NOT the way things should be.

the excitement should come from the racers making passes. the squids need regular suspensions until they can figure out how to drive ( of course, this requires a track crew that actually understands what they’re looking at ) and while it is practically impossible to avoid charges of favoritism, track management needs to make at least a good faith effort not to play favorites.

because, once you’ve run off group 1, there often aren’t going to be enough cars left to make a good race.


And that is where CMP is now. Hopefully things will change some day.


Hey Tim, from what I understand, someone from the track called you and said after consideration, they were going to ban the 7 car for 2 weeks. Not only was that a day late and a dollar short, it did’nt even happen! We went over last night just to see what was going on there( and had nothing else to do) and there was the 7 car lined up on pit row for the pure stock race. Now correct me if I’m wrong , but that was 2 weeks ago. Last week rained out and this would have been his second week of suspension. If he were to have been banned as you were promised, how did he race last night? Not only did he race, but won with a half track lead against a couple of good cars that have victorys at that track. After the race, in the tech. shed, they never pulled the hood, scaled the car or anything. Kind of makes you wonder. Just confirmation of why so many of us have left there.

Just another lie

It was just another lie from Joyce at CMP. I guess they have the car count, drivers and fans that they want and don’t need any more. This just confirms that you can never believe what you are told and at CMP it is ok to put a bumper in someone’s door and take them out under caution. No one will be black flagged (as stated by the flag man) or banned because that will hurt car count. They just don’t get it.

i’m not telling you to do this but if you let some one

spit on you and get away with it he will do it again - i raced for a lot of years i don’t wait to discuss my problems .

you would be suprised some people don’t like me what can i say but if you happen to slip and he slams into pit gate wall wide open

i’ll bet you he will change his attitude . accidents will happen . rubbing is racing don’t be beating on some one if you don’t want some one beating on you … but don’t take any sh--------------------t off any one

just make sure that it was not and accident , :huepfen024:

That is so wrong!

I doesnt matter who does it. no matter how popular they are, no matter… anyone who crashes into someone “INTENTIONALLY” for retribution or whatever reason should be punished. Put on a trailer and made to leave. Putting another drivers life or quality of life in danger is NEVER acceptable.
If the stands are empty there are many reasons why. Perhaps this is one of them! Inconsistancy of rules and penalties… just my opinion for whatever its worth. I have no clue who Jason Kite is so I am not being unfair.
carolwicks aka OZ

to carol wicks don’t get idea that i’m ------------

what i was trying to say was race clean . if a car is leading the race and you drive in over your head knowing you are going to run over the car in front of you that you could have passed on out side and you dump him and track doe’s nothing about it

then don’t get up set when he runs out of brakes and gets you do you see or still don’t get it

they don’t give these cars and parts away


my post was in general and in no way directed to you… I have seen drivers crash into another at a yellow because they are pissed off and some of them are not gentle taps. it cant be allowed. that is saying we dont give a crap about the driver who gets hit and pretty much anything goes in an effort to fill seats. to me that is rediculous and I have a feeling you agree. I am also talking about INTENTIONAL acts of danger. some are accidents. a good flagman etc would know the difference. at least they should…
maybe i am way off base… im just going by some incidents i have observed.
carol aka OZ

Good news

The good news is we have new management and the staff has been moved around. I have agreed to go back to CMP and give Rick an chance. However, I have made it known that if the track does not take care of the problem, I will. But I hope it dosen’t come to that. I just want to race.