The Late Model Capital of the SOUTH has it's second week in a row with Late Models!!!

[SIZE=“5”]This weeks program will FEATURE “The Miller Lite 100”. The Supers, Goodyear Challenge, Limited, and the ASA Late Models . All will be doing a complete MAKEUP from the rainout on &-28-09. We had 29 signed in and have already seven new ones that were not here last month. Here are the ones that were absent last race: The Anthony Campi, “The BONEHEAD” Rob Elting, Jon Yurowich, Billy Bigley, Johnny Kay, TJ Duke, and Perry Lovelady. WOW could you believe that we would have 36 + Late Models. I saw where New Smyrna had like 30+. Heck Desoto had 22. Looks like LATE MODELS in the SOUTH are on top of the feeder chain again. Stay tuned for “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” Late Model two weeks in a row!!!
Bobby Diehl

Add one maybe?

[SIZE=“6”]Jeff Schofield called for info on the rules. Man that would be 38 or so. WOW!!! Pinch me what a weekend this one will be.
Hope to see everyone there at “The Late Model Capital of the SOUTH”!!!
CCMP of course!!!
Bobby “The Big TOP” Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::sprachlos020::huepfen024:

We’ll be back after a few month hiatus thanks to two local sponsors… Kennedy Insurance and Samouce, Murrell, & Gal, P.A. Lookin forward to it!


If all 38 cars show up , are you seriously thinking of running them all?
OR will you take the top 24 qualifiers and then run a consci race and take the top 3, and maybe a promoters choice? 28 cars total.

Had Wayne Anderson call.

[SIZE=“5”]With the number 8 of SLM LeMaster makes 39 and Wayne Anderson would make 40. WOW!!! Where are they going to park?
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024::sport009:

Add Chris Fontaine to the mix!!!

[SIZE=“7”]WOW!!! Another “HOT SHOE” Chris Fountaine. This would make 41 if Wayne and all the origanal who where at the rain out come back!!! THIS ONE WILL BE ONE TWO WATCH!!!Come One Come All. “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” is about to begin!!!
Bobby “THE BIG TOP” Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024::huepfen024::anim_pound:

Where we going to put them all???

:sprachlos020::huepfen024::huepfen024:[SIZE=“6”]WOW!!! Mark Childress called to say that they will need a slab. We are really running out. I haven’t heard from any of the Teams that were here on the rainout 7-28-09. If everyone shows we will have 42 Late Models. It’s not a record yet we had 46 that the first Late Model race in Jan. 2006. But in these times this will be huge!!!
This is going to "BIG!!!
Bobby “The Colonel” Diehl[/SIZE]:sport009::ernaehrung004:

Bobby reserve me a parking place please. The last time we filled the pits like this I had to park on the grass behimd turn 1. I am looking forward to this race. We haven’t seen a late model in for ever it seems. Well dirt cars. TRhat don’t count although it was an awesome race. Bob…

Bob no need for parking :slight_smile:

I will save you a spot Bob in my parking lot at work Bob and you can park there and we can take your Golf cart from there… LOL will save us both from looking for parking and make room for even more late models, should be a great race


Where sure we have the bus pickup?

[SIZE=“6”]WALMART of coarse!!! Just kidding. Remember the bus from the North. Times are always changing. Bob call me. We should put your Truck and Trailer in the FAN ZONES. That way you can get to it, but also the fans could see you and buy your videos.
Bobby “Always Thinking” Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::aetsch013::sport009::sprachlos020::huepfen024::huepfen024:

Talked to Jeff yesterday.

[SIZE=“6”]Jeff said that they would not make this one in the Late Model. But that the Mini Cup race could be the BEST MC of the YEAR. So far they have 22 entrys and called for slabs. WOW!!! Full size and pint size Late Models bodies going door to door. Thanks Jeff and we hope to see him soon at [SIZE=“7”]“The Late Model Capital of the SOUTH”. [/SIZE]The fans need to get there early so not to miss a thing at the [SIZE=“7”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”.[/SIZE]
Hope to see you all there.
Bobby “The BIG TOP” Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::):huepfen024::sport009:

Tires Tires Tires!!!

[SIZE=“6”]All the tires will be in at 11:00 AM for the Late Model 100!!! Hurry hurry hurry the SHOW is about to begin. [SIZE=“7”]"The Greatest SHOW on EARTH[/SIZE]!!!
Bobby “The BIG TOP” Diehl!!![/SIZE]:huepfen024::ernaehrung004::sport009::huepfen024:

What is the schedule of events for the evening start to finsh?

Tentive schedule for the 8-29-09 SHOW!!!

[SIZE=“4”]It hard to make the final schedule till we see car count, weather, and drivers that may need a division between the two they maybe racing in. But, with that said here is the Tentive Schedule:
Practice all division 9:00 AM till 1:30 PM
Hot Laps by Divison 2:00 PM till 4:15
Drivers meeting
4:30 Late Model FAST Mini Cup (20 cars)Time Trials
5:30 Thunder Trucks
Fab 4
Road Warrior
Mini Stocks
Late Model “B” Main (if needed)
Pro 4,
8:30 Parade lap and Autograph Session
FAST Mini Cups (expecting 22+ cars)
Lee Memorial Health Systems “Late Model” 100 Laps
Signage Pro Fig 8 Race
Again this is all subject to change do to car count, Driver,and or weather.

Thanks and hope to see you there!!!
Bobby “The Colonel” Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024::ernaehrung004: