Publisher of Southern Motor Racing Loses battle with cancer

August 28, 2009 - Sadly, Skip Wall, the publisher of Southern Motor Racing, passed away this past week. He fought a long and valiant fight against cancer. Like so many good men he could not win that battle. Skip Wall is among the better souls and will be sorely missed by his many true friends.

Skip got involved with racing media in 2000 working with Over the last decade he became an accomplished writer, photographer and interviewer, eventually establishing Southern Motor Racing as his own creative work. Having never done any of the these things, his dogged determination to learn and constantly improve were always amazing to me and others who knew him well. The calls at 2 AM from North Carolina from Skip as he fretted over the exact punctuation in an article or trying to find the best turn of a phrase, I shall never forget.

Skip Wall had a heart bigger than most and touched many a life with his goodness.

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it’s so sad my blessings to his family and friends

it really seems like a rough month with all the deaths of racers and car builders and announcers so sad

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