Racers, please come to our Club car show in the Villages

The Villages Motor Racing Fan Club is sponsoring an event HOT RODS AND HOT DOGS September 23, 4pm to 7pm. in the Villages. We would like to invite all racers in central Florida to bring and display their race cars.

There are 75,000 active retirees living in the Villages and a lot of them are race fans and motor heads. It would be good exposure for you race teams, and would help our Club. There is no cost and no entry forms, but we would like to hear from you before hand for publicity purposes.

If you could attend, please contact Mike Touchette, 352-303-9734 or
Peter Tetrault 352-250-9030 or Glen Carter 352-751-6442.

Love this Board, a lot of good information.
Thanks, Glen Carter, Club President

Glen is that a Wednesday ?

Hard to make a Wednesday with work and all but would love to be there and pass out Speedworld /New Smyrna info and free passes !

Just wanted to be sure that was correct date and day, let me know please !

Is this the same Glen Carter that used to race at Speedworld and New Smyrna?

where is “The Villages” located?

Right next to Lady Lake, which is just south of Belleview, which is just south of Ocala. Take either Hwy 441 or 301 from the north to get there, or 441 from the south. And The Villages is a HUGE place. Better plan to find out where to go once you get there.

Villages Car Show

No, never raced in Fla. Raced a little up in Ala. in the 70’s.

Villages Car Show

Thanks B.J. for the info. Yes we are between leesburg and Ocala on 27/441
Entrances also off hwy 301/466.
If you are coming to the show it is easiest to come 301 to 466. take 466 to Buena Vista ave. turn left and go 1/4mile to the Polo field. Turn right into the field.

Huge place, plenty of room for cars.
Thanks, Glen

Why didn’t you guys call me about this I could of helped? I don’t have any more race cars. However, I can bring a muscle car. Mike

Villages Car Show

Wow, thanks Mike, someone was suppose to have called you or Angie. Sorry bout that. Would love to have you. Bring what you can, we are expecting a lot of vehicles. Thanks very much, Glen

If we get our car back together, Ill try to make it down.

Villages Car Show

Please dont forget the Villages Motor Racing Fan Club car show in the Villages, Sept 23rd, 4-7PM. We will have every kind of vehicle with a motor that goes fast. All you DAARA guys are welcome, probably not all of you are goiing to Darlington, please come by. Glen Carter, Club president


I’ll see how things go and try to bring the NAPA 15 Chevy down there.
Gave several ride-a-longs to Village residents in 2007 at Ocala Speedway.

race car 15.JPG