Scotty Adema's Safety Scoop - Mounting Your Belts.

Greetings all.

It appeared that quite a few of you enjoyed Scotty Adema’s safety article on the website HaudFan and I slave away on, so I just wanted to pass along we have Scotty’s follow-up article posted. This week Scotty goes into great detail about mounting seat belts.

This article is more sprint car focused than last week due to the nature of the website, but there a few tips in there that I think are applicable across the board no matter what you race.

Scotty goes into great depth with this one, so it’s a long but informative read.

Here is the direct link or you can just go to the link in my sig.

Let’s be safe out there kids.


Thats pretty good stuff, more info like that on this board would be nice. Thanks

Very correct

That is how we mount the belts in the northern modifieds and most of the vintage cars with the tube frames. The only thing that is bad is the crotch belt on someone with a GUT, like me, can not be set proper since there is to much fat between the lap belt and the hip area. I lost 45# and need to drop another 30# to fit in the belts properly. If you have a to many trips to the food bar figure you need to look extra hard at your belts and where the hit your body. :ernaehrung004:

Again Jack… Thanks alot for dropping that informative article off to us… I know everyone thinks that belts are belts, but we are never too old or too good to have a refresher on things… Have a great day all…