Homer Gordon

Samsula, Fla (Oct. 25, 2003) It was the first and last race for the No. 22 Sportsman of Homer Gordon Saturday night at New Smyrna Speedway.

Homer Gordon, 51, was a longtime racer at both Orlando SpeedWorld and New Smyrna Speedway. Sometimes known as the “lady killer” Homer was best known for his No. 22 Super Stock which he ran at both tracks for many years.

Last year Homer went up in class to a Sportsman but wanted a new car, a winning car. For over a year Homer worked on this car and when he brought it to the track Saturday night being towed by his new truck, you could not blast that grin off his face.

Homer was a friend to all and if you ever needed help, tires, a part, Homer would be there extending a hand. Even when he did not have a car to race, Homer was a tradition at both SpeedWorld and New Smyrna.

Saturday night was Homer’s first and last race in his new Sportsman. On the last lap of the heat race, Homer evidentally suffered a massive heart attack and died in his car.

One minute he was with us, the next gone. When the fans were told that racing was cancelled for the night and of his death, tears were flowing both in the stands and the pits.

Homer Gordon is survived by his mother, a sister and brother. Funeral arrangements are pending but will be announced for his racing family and friends.

In the last year, Orlando SpeedWorld and New Smyrna Speedway has lost three family members. Pete Orr, who died almost a year ago; Ray Crews, longtime “gas man” at both tracks; and now racer Homer Gordon.

And if there are guardian angels up in heaven, you can bet that Homer Gordon is one and that he will always watch over us. Homer, you will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Friendship is forever and eternity, you will always be in our hearts.

Still miss him, he was truly a great friend. Still have pictures of him and me racing together in my hallway.

Miss ya Buddy!!!