We are the only race FASTRUCK’S -DESOTO TRUCK-PRO TRUCKS-STARS TRUCK on the West Coast of Florida on 10-24-09 (there is a race at New Smyrna) and we want to make it as BIG as the Old Days were the we had large field of TRUCK’s!!! We will have the race a 50 laps and pay $1000.00 to win over 25 trucks $1500.00 and if we have 30 trucks $2000.00 to WIN!!!. The FASTRUCK Pro Touring and the FASTRUCK CCMP Division will recieve their points as their own finish in the Race. For more information call 813-817-7223 or 941-575-7223. So call early and get your slabs.

Thanks and PLEASE support your local Short Track.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Practice will be Thursday!!!

[SIZE=“4”]We will have the CCMP and IMA Go Carting on Friday Night. So we will have practice Thursday night. If more than twenty-five come we will turn on the lights. Other wise till dark. Please call the office if your coming 941-575-7223.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Amercian or Goodyears are ok.

[SIZE=“4”]Ameriacn and Goodyear will be on hand for the racers.
Call for your slabs 941-575-7223.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Are you getting any new tires in? I hear you don’t have much of a selection , be it Goodyear or American Racer.

We will be in good shape!!

[SIZE=“4”]Now all the those AMF trucks can come. Be sure to call for your slabs 941-575-7223.
As always thanks.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Extra practice of Friday Night.

[SIZE=“4”]We have the CCMP and the IMA Go Cart races on Friday Night. It will end about 10:00 PM. The track will be set up for Stock Car Racing. You will be able to practice till 11:30 PM. Be sure to call for you slabs 941-575-7223.
Bobby Diehl [/SIZE]

If it’s possible I would like a straight answer from Bobby or Gary.
What is the Official track tire? American Racer or Goodyear? You say either one can be run, but which one is the 'TRACK TIRE" that will be run and sold for the remainder of the season?