Peterbuilt Rod

[SIZE=“4”]For all the truckers & gear-heads out there!

I know this doesn?t exactly fit the ?Stump the Fans Photos? format but it does conform to ?Nostalgia? and ?The Good Ol? Days? so 2 out of 3 ain?t bad.

Now this is some serious rock and roll.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=“6”]What a ride![/SIZE]

[SIZE=“4”] A 12-71 Detroit Diesel powered Peterbilt Rod!

Bet it’s a noisy beast …


[SIZE=4]Bet it’s a noisy beast …

[/SIZE]852 ci? plus supercharged?

i bet they have a heck of a time keeping the rear tires on the ground.

[QUOTE=Todd McCreary;39255]
852 ci? plus supercharged? [/QUOTE]

[SIZE=“4”]ActuallyTwin-Supercharged developing 500 Horsepower at a measly 2800 RPM.

This creation, nicknamed ?Piss?d Off Pete? was brought to you by the Blastolene Brothers (Randy Grubb). The same man who created and designed Jay Leno?s Tank Car a few years ago.

More Hi-Res Pics of ?Piss?d Off Pete?

[I]developing 500 Horsepower at a measly 2800 RPM

[/I]yeah, that’s what i mean. eyeball a torque peak about 2600rpm and you’re looking right around [SIZE=4]1,000 lb-ft[/SIZE].

if they can get the power down, that thing will leave like nobodies business. if they can’t get the power down, it’ll be God’s own smoke show.

they also need at least a 10 speed transmission in it.

[QUOTE=Todd McCreary;39282]
they also need at least a 10 speed transmission in it.[/QUOTE]

[SIZE=“4”]Oh?I dunno.

After much thought and consideration, I came to the conclusion that the recently designed Turbo Encabulator that everyone?s buzzing about might have been the ticket for getting the low-torque power of this machine to the wheels.

I didn?t realize how truly innovative this new transmission was and really didn?t understand the difference over a conventional transmission and especially the functionality of it until I listened to the plain talk of this engineer explaining how the new Turbo Encabulator really works.

So whad-a-ya think?

been there, seen that already.

don’t you know, i know everything?

[SIZE=“4”]Yea…that’s what the masses say but don’t worry…I got-ur back.[/SIZE]