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FASTRAK/Hoosier Tire Testing Results ? WOW!!!
Track Record Eclipsed at Modoc (SC)

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Modoc SC (Dec-17) The FASTRAK Racing Series and Hoosier Racing Tire conducted tire testing Thursday afternoon at Modoc Speedway in Modoc SC site of the upcoming 2nd Annual $10,000 To Win FASTRAK Modoc 100 in March. FASTRAK founder & CEO Stan Lester called the results of the tire testing ?absolutely remarkable?. Lester went on to say ?our hope is that we can find a compound configuration that is not only fast but durable and if today?s testing is any indication, we are certainly headed in the right direction?

Drivers on hand were Brian Conner, David Smith, Brian Baggerly and Royce Bray; each representing varying driving styles. ?We wanted the mix of drivers on hand to throw everything they could at us? said Lester.

The format of the testing began with segments on the tire the FASTRAK Racing Series has competed on since it?s conception in an effort to establish somewhat of a baseline. Hoosier Racing Tire Product Manager Shanon Rush traveled from Indiana with a truck load of different compounds and enough digitized computer analysis equipment to make any crew chief at any level in motorsports envious. In addition to Rush, Hoosier Racing Tire was also represented by race tire engineer John Reynolds as well as tire services technician Rick Sisk.

The test session got underway at around 2:30 p m and concluded at 6:40 p m. With over 100 onlookers present, the Modoc Speedway track record of 17.66 seconds fell early in the session, first by Connor. By the end of the session, each driver present had eclipsed the record as well.
Remarkably, the record runs were completed without the benefit of making any adjustments to any of the cars.

As each driver came of off the track, communication between driver and crews was forbidden until after Hoosier Race Tire officials had conferred with each driver after completing each run.

Once testing had concluded, Rush stated ?it was an excellent session. We learned a lot here today. We tried three different combinations. The drivers didn?t know what they were on and each driver ran all three combinations. After single car test runs, we put three cars on the track at the same time. We brought them in after each segment, didn?t allow the drivers to get out of the cars and switched the tires amongst the three cars in such a way that each driver didn?t know who?s take offs they were getting. Much to my surprise, each driver liked the same combination just as they had in the single car test runs. It was amazing.

?What each driver did not know, is the tires each of them liked the most were also the fastest on the clock, and keep in mind, they made no adjustments to the cars throughout the four hours they tested.

As the Modoc Speedway track record fell, the only question left to answer was durability. With upwards of 75 Laps on every tire, in the words of one driver ?they didn?t really fall off, at least I couldn?t notice it and when they let us look at the tires after all the testing was over, I didn?t see one block on even one tire that was even feathered?..and I was looking?

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*THE FASTRAK SERIES is based on the GM crate engine program using both the 602 and 604 engine types. All teams utilize Hoosier Racing Tire as the ?spec tire? brand of the FASTRAK Racing Series allowing team?s tremendous savings in both engine and tire expense. The National Championship of the FASTRAK RACING SERIES is one of the largest in the United States.