Merry Christmas

Last night at Christmas Eve Church Service, which the church looked really nice and packed. However, in my almost 62 years of living, as the youth read the Christmas Story from the Bible it came to be that this was the first time in my life that I felt like I could feel what Joseph and Mary and all the other non Romans were feeling as they made way to the towns of their family linage, to pay unfair taxes to the Romans. And then there were their follow countrymen working with the Romans getting a cut from the taxes. Oh well, Merry Christmas

Way to go, darren. You just couldn’t wait to sling some more of your dirty stuff on this day, could you.

Seems a little hypocritical doesn’t it Roger? Going to church and then getting on here to make a statement like that.

DING DING - Round One


didn’t expect to get nice reactions when I wrote my Christmas Thoughts on this board. 1st. I wished a Merry Christmas. 2nd. I then wrote what my feelings were on what this year’s Christmas meant to me. I know that I am not one of the chosen ones on this board, I would not want it that way. However, my post was not a complaint just how I felt, my thoughts. Maybe different then the chosen ones like the other Merry Christmas writers that were written. However, it was not a complaint, but I was moved, just adds to my thoughts on the 1st Christmas. 3rd. When I go to church I go to see and hear the truth.

No offense to Winger but its not uncommon for the liberals to infringe on our constitutional rights. Pretty soon opinions will be outlawed as well. Sorry for the political Bullshit but I am just mad.