Rich CLouser Wins Red-Eye 100

Top 5

  1. Rich Clouser
  2. David Rogers
  3. Mario Gosselin
  4. Tim Russell
  5. Justin Larson

How many cars showed up? In other words, how the quality of the field?

It was a decent field, they announced 24 starters i beleive. Top 10 were pretty solid with Clouser, Rogers, Russell, Gosselin and Larson all being tight. Chad Akins and Joe Boyd were the action spots - Boyd was a real pain in the butt for all around him. Lapped cars were an issue all night - some were just too slow to even be out there.

Congrats to Rich, he earned every bit of that win - hell of a drive. He passed everybody after the inversion and setting fast time. I was very impressed. Rogers was all over him on the last restart but could not catch him and Rich pulled away. Those two were the class of the field.

I remember when Rich started in the spectator races years ago and has worked his way up the hard way. He has earned my respect. I hope his health has improved and he can run more this year.

Was all set to watch Bonerman - but there were less than ten it looked like and I was too cold - sorry bout that.

Good show tonight. I thought it was well worth the $20.

by the way…Boneman was 2nd in the 4 cylinder late model race.

Andy called me and said the 3rd car in that race broke down half way through the race.

That’s not strictly true - I said the 3rd car broke down in afternoon practice, around the time the 4th car lost a wheel in the warm-ups… :ernaehrung004:

Boneman was 2nd in the 4 cylinder late model race.

I like to think of them more as bandoleros for grown-ups myself…

We didn’t have the best class last night. There were only 6 cars and one crashed in practice. I was busy looking at the leader, but I don’t think there was much else going on!

Hey Bone

All kidding aside, congratulations on your “First Loser” position.

Wish I had been there to cheer you on…I really look up to you because you have the balls to climb in there and strap up (or whatever it is you drivers do) LOL…just kidding - you are brave as hell, I looked at your site and very impressed - is that really you or some poor person that looks like you ?

I never realized you have been around the block a time or two… next time, take Andy with you PLEASE.

Given the speed Cody Blair has in that #81 it bodes well for the new season that you could still see him for the whole race. If you hadn’t bumped that guy at the start I don’t think I’d have anything whatsoever to write about for that race!

But given your lack of practice and testing yesterday, you had good pace out there. If Pedie Allison and David Russell are as quick as last year when the season gets going, and a few other cars make the field, we should get some good racing in that division this year.

OSF, it is hard to tell where, or if, the sarcasm ends, but we can agree on one thing: I’ve been doing this for a while. Jeez, you’d think I’d be better at it after all this time!

Yo Bone

Just throwing it back at you a little (hope you can deal with it).

However, it all reality… I was impressed with your site… never knew you were that much into racing… again, you’ve been around the block a time or two…

Don’t worry, the best I’ve EVER done was to be the FIRST LOSER and that’s a fact… wasn’t in it long, but did have fun (my family was totally against racing and when I was young, I had to lie and say I was going to my H.S. Football games and sneek to the track - me ole Irish Dad thought race track people were all bad people). Boy was he wrong.

So all in all, don’t get your shorts in a wad…life’s too short.

Sounds like your dad was the ones who thought all racers and fans were backwoods, redneck, trailer trash. I know a few people like that and that is what they actually think. But it was those backwoods and running shine that got racing where it is today so who cares. My dad is not into racing either but has been to a few and been on the track at Daytona going 200 miles an hour around the track. But according to dad, riding with Bill Posey was his wildest ride.

God loves racers and fans and so do I.

Great race

seriously, I thought the Red Eye was a great race. I had wife, brother, Daughter and 2 grand kids I havent sen for about 5 yrs hardly at all. We all enjoyrd it, thanks for a great show, but darn, it was cold!!! Hey Boneman, you did a good job too! Dont know how you didnt get in a big wreck on that second restart, but then again with a couple cars there to hit you I guess that helped, anyhow good job! Now hows that for a shocker??:ernaehrung004:

anyhow good job! Now hows that for a shocker??

really now, Tunaman. this simply won’t do.

as every Robin Miller fan knows, we need more hate and drama in racing.

Do better!

[QUOTE=Todd McCreary;40410]anyhow good job! Now hows that for a shocker??

really now, Tunaman. this simply won’t do.

as every Robin Miller fan knows, we need more hate and drama in racing.[/QUOTE]

Hey Todd, everyone knows i CAN do better, but am trying to be nice this yr, I admit I’m having trouble with it but am trying!!: Its just mmy Daddy taught me to say whats on my mind, at my age its a hard habit to brake!! engel016: