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[I]ASA LM Champions Are Honored, Are Their Checks in the Mail?

ASA LM - 1/17/10

Saturday night, was contacted by Ken Wills, owner of 5K Motorsports, a team that competed in the ASA Late Model series in 2009 with driver Chris Eggleston. Wills stated that at the ASA LM banquet Saturday night in Indianapolis, teams were not paid their point fund checks as they were supposed to without any word on the subject from ASA LM Owner and President Ron Varney. contacted Varney Saturday, but Varney has yet to respond. will stay on top of the situation and will have any further information as it becomes available.[/I]

One word…Done

Well I seen a few weeks ago that the ASALM South website redirects you to either the Challenge series or North series so that series is done. What a lousy way to thank your drivers that DID show up for you this past year though.

[I]Varney Responds: ASA LM Series Has Issued Team Vouchers

ASA LM - 1/18/10
ASA Late Model Series President and owner Ron Varney reached out to on Sunday after 51 reported that after the series banquet on Saturday night, the championship team of 5k Motorsports and owner Ken Wills told us that they did not receive a point fund check.

Varney told that teams were issued vouchers at the banquet which can be exchanged for cash, products or services. Varney also said that during a time when many series are facing tough economic times, that he wanted to give his competitors an option of how to be paid. Varney also told that preparations for the 2010 season are underway and right on track.[/I]

Varney bucks???

One word…Done

so … did you learn anything? or are you just showing your German ( schadenfreude ) side?

Yet this is the same man that is changing the body styles in his challenge series to something that can not be used anywhere else. He sure is looking out for his racers…:blink::rolleyes:

Your right that wasn’t nice…I apologize! Sorry! Forgive me!

Your right that wasn’t nice.

that’s not my point.

Varney isn’t the only one to have gone down/be going down in flames this year and over the last two.

are you picking up any tips on how to run a track successfully?

Other than several weeks at NSS on Sat recently, I haven’t worked at a race track since June?July? of 08’ if you are speaking of me.

But to answer your question, I learn more and more everyday, sometimes I even learn that some of my opinions are wrong and I try to correct them.

The one thing that Varney didn’t tell speed51 is that the vauchers were for about 30 cents on the dollar. I can’t speak for the other teams but we were supposed to get a $3000 check and we got a $1000 vaucher.:fragend005::mad:

Sounds like 2004 all over again for the ASA.

What happened in '04?

In short, they stiffed everyone.

From Wikipedia:

[I]Financial problems developed midway in the 2004 season when the ASA began to cancel races, and television contracts were canceled.

By the end of the season, the series’ demise came when the series raced at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. During the driver’s meeting for the 99-lap Aaron’s 99 event (held after NASCAR Nextel Cup qualifying for the UAW-GM Quality 500), they informed competitors they did not have funds to pay teams after the race, and they asked for an extension. This despite the fact that Lowe’s Motor Speedway had wired the entire purse and sanction fee to ASA as per the sanction agreement. Disappointed by Steve Dale’s decision to cancel his trip to the event, the track impounded ASA’s vehicles and equipment. A settlement was made where Speedway Motorsports, Inc. (owners of Atlanta Motor Speedway and Lowe’s Motor Speedway) decided to pay the competitors directly after the final ASA race at Atlanta.

The sanctioning body collapsed and was shut down after the 2004 season, and the National Tour folded.[/I]

Jack I am not sure if that is the same ASA as the one that did that in 2004, if you remember they had a split and this ASA can not use the original ASA decals. I know you were not saying for sure that it was I just want to be sure everyone knows that this ASA is not the true ASA. (Man that sounds so off the wall.)

Well Andrew please email Speed 51 so they know the whole story. They seem to only know what Ron is telling them so you need to get the rest of the story out. I again go back to saying what I said in my original post. What a lousy way to thank the drivers that showed up for you this past year.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…