NSS pre entry list

Just persuing the NSS site looking at what they have in store for me for speedweeks - I will be there Friday-Sat and probably Sun.

I imagine Kelsey Steele is somehow related to Tim? He had someone else in the car for the Derby, so wondering if this is the debut so to speak for Kelsey.

Can we combine the Crate and Non-super latemodel classes? Pretty please?

15 super lates is gonna kill me - please tell me there are more.

Just updated today… Entries are coming in daily… 99 total cars now - 19 Super Lates as of Today… That’s more than we had pre-entered last year at this time so stay tuned to the site… I am updating the pre-entries as we receive them… Plus don’t forget the ones that just ‘show up’…

Yea, i figured there would be more than “pre-entered” as there usually are. Keep up the updates, its like crack for me this time of year.

Kelsey is Tim’s daughter. I talked to Tim last week and he seems excited about coming down. Hope to see you at NSS!