UPDATE-2010 FASTRAK/Hoosier Tire Details

FASTRAK Racing Series
FASTRAK/Hoosier Tire Program Details Released
First production run slated for mid-February

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Lakeville IN (Jan-29) Hoosier Racing Tire, in cooperation with the FASTRAK Racing Series, is proud to release the details of the 2010 FASTRAK tire program. Beginning in mid-February, Hoosier will release the first production run of new FASTRAK-plated tires.

To get all of the details, go to www.fastrakracing.com

Partners of the FASTRAK Racing Series Include: Hoosier Racing Tire, GM Performance Parts, City Chevrolet, Heintz Performance, Vicci Apparel, RaceCeiver, Schoenfeld Headers, VP Racing Fuels, OldMansGarage.com, Mastersbilt Race Cars, Team GRT, T.N.T.Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, and Beyea Headers. Become a FASTRAK PARTNER! Contact FASTRAK at 678-935-7304 for partnership or single event packages.

*THE FASTRAK SERIES is based on the GM crate engine program using both the 602 and 604 engine types. All teams utilize Hoosier Racing Tire as the ?spec tire? brand of the FASTRAK Racing Series allowing team?s tremendous savings in both engine and tire expense. The National Championship of the FASTRAK RACING SERIES is one of the largest in the United States.