Was it the tires?

Something was different about the PASS race, and I suspect that it may have been related to the American Racer tires. I understand that they were blistering and coming apart, and that there was no support since the tire truck left early. Is this true?

Could it be that the tires fell off and caused the speed difference which resulted in so much passing? Were some drivers “cooling it” while others charged?

-Disclaimer- I was a spectator sitting in the stands, so all of my tire information is second hand.

That was my theory too as everything else from a tech perspective was pretty much the same as always. I’d be curious to hear driver opinions on it.

I would also love to see the breakdown of where the 22 guys came from - it seemed like they had the states covered - especially the northern ones.

I would also love to see the breakdown of where the 22 guys came from - it seemed like they had the states covered.[/QUOTE]

Just looking at the program, I count:

9 from Florida
5 from North Carolina
3 from Maine
1 from Kentucky
1 from Iowa
1 from Vermont
1 from New Brusnwick
1 from New Hampshire

The most telling comment about the tires came from one of the wonderful in-car interviews, where either the 54 or the 4 commented on how the tires were blistering and underperforming. I like Tim Russell’s comments at the start too, where he pointed out that the mix of local racers who were familiar with the track had their advantage evened out by the others knowing the tires so much better. I think the announcer also mentioned that PASS South would be changing to Hoosiers this coming year, but PASS North would stay on American Racers.

This is the list I assembled on Friday… This may not be entirely accurate as the Series did not provide me with any information regarding the Drivers or the Official Results.

#04 Jerrod Foley Williamsburg, Kentucky
#4 Jay Fogelman Durham, North Carolina
#5 Kevin Ingram Auburndale, Florida
#6 Dale Brackett Strong, Maine
#08 Joey Gase Cedar Rapids, Iowa
#8 Eddie Gainey Fort White, Florida
#12 David Green Fort Pierce, Florida
#15 Clay Jones Goldsboro, North Carolina
#20 Steven Legendre St. Johnsbury, Vermont
#21 James Carter Parrish, Florida
#23 Lonnie Sommerville St. John New Brunswick (Already Pre-Entered for World Series)
#26 Preston Peltier Harrisburg, North Carolina
#33 Jeff Choquette Loxahatchee, Florida (Already Pre-Entered for World Series)
#35 Devin Jones Mooresville, North Carolina
#36 Tim Russell Longwood, Florida (Already Pre-Entered for World Series)
#48 Ben Rowe Turner, Maine
#51 Stephen Nasse St. Petersburg, Florida
#54 Johnny Clark Hallowell, Maine
#55 Brad Leighton Center Harbor, New Hampshire
#61 Mario Gosselin Lake Wales, Florida
#62 Brandon Ward Winston Salem, North Carolina
#73 Sam Watts Winter Springs, Florida
#88 Justin Larson Safety Harbor, Florida (Already Pre-Entered for World Series)

Based on what I heard on the scanner, mainly Choquette. He was complaining that the tires felt like he was running on “rumble strips” all day. I sat down in turn one and I have rarely seen that much rubber on the track.

I was also listening to a few other drivers who really never mentioned the tires.

I felt really bad for Fogelman, He just couldnt catch a break all day.

i was on pit road and seen the tires where blistering and coming apart.

All the more reason to stay with the current Hoosier we have now… If managed properly they are an awesome tire…

I was in the pits and seen the right rear for both the #5 Kevin Ingram and the #61 Mario Gosselin and they both were blistered real bad.