Andy's NSS reports windexed AGAIN

Jane, did you take the report down again? If so, why?

It was made very clear last week that the readers of this board want it. If there is a real reason, I’d like to hear it. Currently, it just looks like a childish control issue.


Is somebody still mad?

Andy spent a lot of time to giving a detailed unbiased description of what really happens on the race track. I don’t see how its fair to him or anyone else for his hard work and effort to be wiped off the board because somebody is …

Oh no, not again. Ya know… I decided to take a few minutes and look around. I could not find it anywhere. I take it that I missed it being on here and it has now vanished? I sure hope I am wrong. I am there each night but I still look forward to reading that since I am in my own little world and miss things all the time. It happens when I need to make sure I have good photos of the top five (and last night that was not even good enough) that I miss little tidbits of info which might be something big by the end of the week.

And after this is all over I also like going back and reading about the other tracks which I didn’t get the chance to go to.

After checking the results, there doesn’t appear to be that much reason to go… Slim fields (for the World Series anyway) and not a whole lot of top names… The economy strikes again I fear… Saw they were down to 31 Sprints last nite at Volusia after having 42 on Thursday…

I think there are some local big names waiting for the end of the week. Drawdy for one shook down a car but I haven’t seen him back out since. The crate cars seem to be putting on the best show.

its NOT the economy .

the economy???

It has nothing to do with me not being there yet!!!

Poor Andy…

Alas, lad…we hardly knew ye.

Soon you’ll be banished back across the Atlantic. Back to yer soppy land of thrilling saloon car races and tea wit da Queen on Tuesdays.

All because you wanted to write some stories. To share some unique insight to an otherwise drab and near-lifeless message board.

Damn you, Andy…damn you for caring!..(sobbing uncontrollably)

OJ, he’s a sensitive new age man.

the post was just moved to the race results where I was told to put it. No one would ever windex Andy’s great stories. just it was put in the place where I was told to put it. Did anyone even bother to look and see if it was there or just start ranting right away???

anyway, I am done with this. I am too tired and have too much to do to play silly games anymore. Jack said “if it is a race story, move it to where it belongs - either the front page or race results but it is to be moved”. And those were Jack rules, not Jane’s, but Jack’s.

I told Jack maybe this was all my fault to begin with since I let Andy’s stuff stay when he first started doing this because it was just his take of the race. But then he became the Media for FASCAR and his stories were now meant as the media for Orlando or New Smyrna. So maybe I screwed up to begin with and should have told him. But honestly, I am too tired and too stressed with my dad right now to fight you guys.

His story was not windexed but moved, that was all. I am sorry if it makes you take extra steps to read it but that is just how it is. I don’t design the site, I don’t make the rules, I only post stories for everyone to read.

the post was just moved to the race results where I was told to put it.

where is this?

i don’t see it in the “race results” portion of the Karnac Florida section of the main page.

nor do i see it in the “race results” sub-forum on the board here.

nor does the “New Posts” function bring it up.

this is why it is essential to provide a link to the new location.


…while you were looking all over creation for the results that were supposedly(wink wink) “moved”…did you look around and click on some other newsworthy stories on those other pages?..I’m starting to think that was the whole point of this little exercise.

It would be a little more effective to just come out and ask us to take a gander at some other pages to up the hit counters.

I’m on to ya’ll…I used to be a CIA operative and I knows how to figger stuff out.

Here is your link to where Andy’s story is. I am not playing games anymore, they were there from the day he posted his story. If you have a complaint with me, call Jack, write Jack, but I am over this. I did what I was told to do, moved it to where it belonged and that was it. I can’t help it if you can’t take the time to look like I just did and find it. Results has not only New Smyrna’s but also Citrus, Volusia, East Bay and any others that were sent in.


sooooo… cant it just be copied and pasted over to results? Apparently we are all over here…so why make us chase it around. Maybe this is a way to get web page hits somewhere else?:grinser010:

It is a damn bloody shame that some people can’t leave well enough alone… Jane, we thank you for all of the work that you put into stories and the site, but where is Andy and has he been banished like other Karnacians we know of… Not all of us like a short, effective, and to the point results. But like an in-depth and unbiased report of a race as that gives us a picture of what actually happened… Let the reader choose…

Don’t forget this is supposed to be an open forum whereas a person can express his or her opinion of something… Disappearing posts and banned folks, good grief…

Damn it man! I just looked outside and the forum Secret police just pulled up… I knew it in trouble I am…

OK, Now you know… so go to your room!

Its not what the PEOPLE want… the hell with the masses (for they know NOT what they want!).

I’m waiting for ANDY to start his own blog or message board… then WE will get what WE want.

Note To Andy: Hang in there buddy… we’re waiting for the day when you can do what you do best and we can read it. You have MANY MANY people on your team.

I have never known anyone that came into the picture as you did, was so welcomed as you were and so stepped on as you were… (and you never said a word)… as my old boss would say: “Than Andy Chap Is Quite a Sport Model”.