Tires at Auburndale

Tires will be available Thursday Night at practice at Auburndale Speedway.
Practice from 5-8 pm - cost $10 per person.
This is also a good time to register your numbers and get your paper work done.

what brand of tire do they use at auburndale ?

Heard they switched to American Racer like most other tracks…
Goodyear was not dependable on delivering tires to short tracks in Flori-duh last few years. I last heard all but 2 tracks had switched from Goodyear, and now Bronson is not racin, so that leaves one track.:confused:


Yep, last year they ran the American Racers…

I think they are a very good tire.

We was getting 5-6 races on the right sides in the ss class…
I think the more they wore down the better they got…

are the 8 inch tires treaded or slicks ? and whats the cost of a set ?

The 8" are a treaded tire like the Goodyear for Sportsman. The pattern is jagged though, not straight. Last I heard were the same price as Goodyear, about $107 per tire. Most I know who have used them like them,and they don’t go flat in 12 hours.

Last year they were 110.00 ea.
And they just started a new thing towards
the end of the season that you had to pay
a extra 5.00 ea. on top of that to mount them .

If ya got your own tire machine and live close
i would go get them on practice night…

thanks guys !