here i sit

Since it appears that nss cant lineup for a race ahead of time…I thought I would post about it as therapy…9:30 2 hrs into it and I have seen 2 races…by comparison check out janes post
.oh yea…its sprinkling…

Boy tgey could really use a 3rd wrecker right about now…red flag ltd lates 3hrs 109 laps…jeezus

I feel for you…Couldnt do it tonight…too cold and too frustrating…

Try this.Volusia 17 races total.Out by 1045pm right when drops started to fall,
about 110 cars thats 2 divisions.A few yellows 1 red for an increadible roll,and 1 other flip about 7 cars took 15 to 20 minutes Id say.
Great night.

Ultimately, I left during the middle of the truck race without getting to see the crate 50-which I wanted to see more than anything other than the slms. I just wish someone from nss would at least acknowledge the problem and indicate that maybe they will work on it.

The time between races is almost unbearable, couple that with ridiculous numberr of yellow flag laps and the seeming complete inability to lineup a race prior to the finish of the last and not having enough wreckers and you have just pissed off your crowd. Don’t worry, I am done w spending my money there this speedweeks.

For the love of god send someone to vsp to pay attention to these details.

I don’t understand why the tow trucks don’t leave the wrecked cars in a safe area and haul butt back to clear the track. After the track is cleared then take the cars to their pit areas. I watched them the other night dick around getting a wrecked car setup just right while other wrecked cars are parked on the front stretch. These are show killers, I am glad that I am not the only one to notice.

Yea, last night was it for me, yes, they had a lot of wrecks, which cant be avoided. However the simple things that just make things move along are completely forgotten by the folks in the warm dry booth. Everybody around me was pissed, most of which were tourists in for their first visit to NSS - think they will be back next year? I know I was asked how to get to VSP by at least 3 of them.

The crate lm wreck was a doozy and had cars stacked on top of each other etc, it would have taken a while no matter what, but what unfolded was downright stupid. I told the guy next to me watch this - 10 laps under yellow after this red flag. Guess what happened…well they burned off 5 right away for no apparent reason - then they decided to try to get the cars in the right order - as if that couldnt have been done under the .5 hr red flag!

The point about them taking such time for a single car is an issue and when you only have two trucks it is unacceptable. Oh, and do the buggies no longer push cars? That alone would be a godsend! I know they dont want to tear up the cars any worse etc, but like ED said drop em in the pits and come back for them.

Kim Brown - I hope you read this - you have done a great job with some of the things you are doing pulling NSS out of the dark ages - I am hopeful for the future at NSS - however, this area needs work badly. I actually left the track pissed that I had blown off some commitments to be there.

Where were ya Bubba?

I was there with the Boneman who kept us from freezing with his Rex Engineered, Grandstand Heating System which has been patented by Ronco and should be available in stores this summer. We were up by the pressbox all night. Except for when we went to stand in line with that foreign-tongued, maverick-styled, FASCAR media-man, Andy, at the single-windowed concession stand. That was during the 30 minute intermission they held when the Limiteds stacked em’ up on the back straight. Not to be confused with the other intermissions they held between each of the races.

I too wondered why every race car seemed to require the use of both wreckers to remove it to the pits. Bizarre.

Jerry, Roger and Fred even showed up at the end. (Testament to VSP’s commitment to keeping the action going and getting the show done, I guess) I met racinphotos Mike after the Crate LM feature, but only briefly as it was a long drive back to Palmghetto cuz I had to work today.

Here’s a kudos for NSS, though…love the bar.

Section B at the top seat 4 or 5 or so - closer to turn 1, I looked around for folks I might recognize, but didnt see any. I wandered around the bar and that lone heater of the apocolypse for a bit too to kill time since that seemed to be the thing to do. I saw a few folks nearly incincerate their neighbors trying to get their heaters going.

a couple of rollback trucks would help alot when there is multiple car pile ups. especially when some cars need both tow trucks

Why are they starting pratice and Qualifying so early in the day then running a 25 lap race.One feature only.Seems there running a lot that dont mean a bean.
VCS only had 3 tow trucks and it does run smoothly.
Two years ago that happen at NSS and I was never going back.

The years I traveled with the UDLMCS, all the dirt tracks we went to seem to clean up wrecks a lot faster. Some didn’t even have wreckers. They drug them off with tractors. They for the most drug them to the infield and dropped them and went racing. The 2 years I worked with them I noticed the difference with asphalt tracks in clean up. Of course they don’t have to clean the dirt track as the asphalt does. One of the tracks we went to in GA, was oil based I think, and it was as hard as asphalt and they had to blow it off after a wreck. Bob…

Ya, I had not been there in a couple years for speed weeks, and now after last night I remembered why. Wow, was that boring compared to VSP, and the cleanup took FOREVER.

I understand the need to get it off your chest but since you were there why not go into the office during the race and complain in person? I would think if you had a bunch of you go in there and complain in a civilized manner you would get better results than just a person posting on a forum. Since it is too late to see them in person use the contact info from the sticky above and call them. This way at least you can be sure they know about it, they may never see your post on here.

Name New Smyrna Speedway
Location Samsula / New Smyrna
Promoter 386-547-6030 Joe Lewandowski
Tech Man Guy Hellyer
Office 386-427-4129 Kim Brown

oh dont worry about that , they read everything on here . im sure they heard alot of this well before anything was posted on here . it was talked about by the guys on speed51 radio from the tower .

If that doesn’t get their attention then nothing will I guess.

I understand the need to get it off your chest but since you were there why not go into the office during the race and complain in person?

it was … two years ago now? … i pointed out to them ( in person ) that giving away free grandstand tickets was a waste of time until they improved the show. don’t remember if i covered wreck clearing specifically but i know i gave several explicit points that needed correction.