"brain" France

Let me give you a ideal. Every time D. Patrick races one of your series change it that day to the DanPat Series. The tv people have.

I think that is over now hard to drive with no RF.

Crew cheif kept telling her to go high,but with all the smoke she just could not see. The black car(??) just ahead and high made it through at the last second without damage. Oh well…

you know it is a shame there we’re 6 woman in last weeks arca race and you heard about was Danica. I never new Milka Duno was even trying stock cars. and Pigea who came from F1 to run.

Chrissy Wallace needs more publicity too .I beleive she won late model races.

what about alli owens


Stop the love fest, it sickening.


drivers, while you are racing this year, just stay in your comfort zone and do not stand up on the wheel. I cannot remember a crew chief telling a driver to stay in your comfort zone or back up to your comfort zone. However, it is a new day in racing, a new era has come to the racing oval.

ease up darren i dont remember ever seeing your name in any series or in the win notes from 1 of our local tracks just in the iam darren with a bitch seticton come on get over it


very good Craig

I was at the Busch race…oops…Nationwide race today. When the “Co-grand marshals” gave the command, they didn’t say “Ladies and gentlemen, START…YOUR…ENGINES!”…it was the standard “Gentlemen, start you engines”. Did someone not tell them that there were two females in the field today? Sheesh.

And…hated to see Chrissy get taken out on the very first lap. She never even made it to the stripe to complete one lap.

Me too…:frowning:

Have not heard if she is related to the ‘many’ other Wallaces’.
Anyone know??


if I am not mistaken is Mike Wallace’s daughter. Also, if I am not mistaken they started a Nationwide race last year the first time a father and daughter did not. And I would love to see someone like her get tv time, that family is stockcar family, like them or not.

your right she is Mike’s daughter they ran a truck race last year

first time four members of a family driving in the same race

ease up on her she can’t help it

she almost made it through that last wreck she had the cars missed till she hit that glob of fenders or what ever that was that cut her front tire off

what would you have said about her if she had of made it through that wreck if you got it you got it and how do you compare her to crissy wallace that would be like calling kyle petty a driver and a tv anouncer or tv what ever it is he trys to do

ease up darren

i dunno. maybe it’s the broadcast teams that should ease up?

Joey Logano might be a good guy ( although i doubt that after that crap he tried at Irwindale in 2009 ) but i’m not even willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after all that non-stop “Sliced Bread” stupidity at the beginning of the season last year.

Logano may become a decent driver. someday.

but right now, he’s making complete crap out of what should be a top ten car. and he’s doing it for the second year in a row.

and as far as i can tell, Danica is doing the exact same thing as Joey.

the worst broadcasting idiocy this weekend was committed by ( surprise, surprise ) Darrell Waltrip. Despain was talking to him about Danica and asking his opinion. Darrell couldn’t talk her up enough.

then Despain pointed out that Nelson Piquet Jr had finished a solid 6th in the truck race. Waltrip immediately started talking about how Nelson’s finish really wasn’t that impressive because he had “really fast equipment” and any good racer should be able to jump into any vehicle and “not be lost”.

what the hell, Darrell? you think Danica wasn’t bringing a Cup technology engine to the ARCA race? you think Danica didn’t have access to the old Cup notebooks to set up her Nationwide car?

the fact is, with what she brought, Danica should have been dominating the ARCA race. she couldn’t even pull up behind the 51 in the draft and she stalled Buescher out when he tried to make a move on the high side.

and for all the talk about how her finishes weren’t that good because she was “trying to be careful”, she still managed to get into wrecks in both races.

Close, but no cigar for the Wallace family. According to Legends of Nascar, the four Flocks (Bob, Fonty, Tim and their sister Ethel) competed in the same race on the beach on July10th, 1949. Since none of the Flocks can make Nascar wealthy anymore, they probably decided to overlook them.