Blast from the Past Almost Here

Ok guys/gals who all will be at the 2nd Annual Blast from the Past at Citrus County on March 7th??? Whether you are a driver, fan, or just want to come and meet the drivers of yesteryear, who all is coming??

I will be there, with my bells on, and would love to see alot of old friends there. Also, I would like to find a cheap motel for the night if anyone has any suggestions for one in Inverness. Not really wanting to drive from Merritt Island that morning so I would like to stay over that way Saturday night and go to the races at Citurs on the 6th. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

I look forward to the 2nd Blast and can’t wait to see alot of old friends. I am also hoping to see Pete Willoughby, Bobby Sears, some dirt racers, and just people I miss alot.

Anyway guys/gals - are you coming???

It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, but if memory serves me correct, there’s not that many choices there. Remember, it’s a small town.

Wildwood is only about 15 minutes away and has several hotels.:smilie_bett:

There is the Central Motel $57.00 for the Blast from the past.There are a few
out at the interstate in wildwood that is a short distance from the track.I am sure motel 8 will accomandate us if the central is full.I will check on that tomarrow or monday and let everyone no.There is also going to be camping at the track on Saturday night.

There’s also a Holiday Inn Express a couple miles west of Inverness. No idea on pricing but thought I’d pass the info along.

Hey Joyce,

Citrus gave a great announcement between races last night about the Blast.
Need more info about the camping available the night before at the track though. Maybe a few of us could give an intermission parade lap to promote the next days event. Think about it…

I will speak to Don about it Monday.I was at Citrus last Night and yes the announcer did give some great announcement time. I am not sure where he will have you guys the night before but,I will be there as fast as I can get there on Saturday evening.Jim I"m with you I thought Citrus had a great race.