East Bay Crate Latemlodels

Last night Devin Dixon won the race with Randy Weaver hot on his butt.

Pretty good race but mostly everyone running the same line.

Great to meet OSF last night!!!

I enjoyed talking to you and your little side kick. :ernaehrung004:

10-4, glad to have met you as well.

That little side kick is the kid I put into Martial Arts…He’s doing great with it.

Last night was his first race and he was totally excited about it… after the race, he wanted to go down on the front stretch and see the car up close… He had picked that car early on and now thinks he’s a pro at picking winners.

That race was a perfect example where reversing some of the line up would have made a more exciting race for the fans. Devin Dixon could have won from several places back vs off the pole… no one could touch him. I would have enjoyed seeing him come up through the field. It was 1,2,3 for the whole race.

Randy Weaver was awarded the win based on a another disqualification of the apparent race winner.

From the 4m message board…

Weaver, driving the Cardinal Paint and Body Custom By Weaver was also awarded the win in the NeSmith Chevrolet DLMS Thursday night East Bay Raceway Park event with the disqualification of Dixon. The engine in Dixon?s Night Hawk Towing Rocket was found to have a balanced crankshaft and aftermarket connecting rod bolts, both of which are disallowed in the series.

Ok Backrow… I am confused… that statement says “Thursday Night”. what about Sat night.

Sorry, I cut off the part about last night… Devin Dixon was dq’ed last night and for Thursday night. Kinda tired of going to Speedweeks races and coming home to see that the winner on the track lost the race in tech. Feel cheated as a fan.

Thurs night he had illegal mufflers and Sat night was the crank

Thanks BackRow… I went to 4M and read the article…

Me and my little side kick were betting on winners $1 each… we each started with 5 bucks and I was getting beat bad… on that last race… I only had 2 bucks left… so I had the great idea to go for broke… I told him… ok, lets put 2 bucks on this one… the 33 (Dixon) won, and I lost my last 2 bucks…I had the 101 car…

Now, the 33 is dq’d, my car finished ahead of the 33 and I should have won the bet… I am going to beat the hell out of that kid and get my winnings! (NOT)…he was so excited about the 33 winning -not sure if I want to bust his bubble or show him what racing is really about - guess I will go with the later and let him read the article… 33 went from $3000.00 to ZERO because of the DQ.

Let it go… I actually saw you and your ninja talking with model car man…

Devin looked great and I hate to see him dq’d. Shan Smith did a great too coming up through the field on a narrow racetrack.