Desoto memories!

This happened in 1994. It was a mess but no one was hurt. A fan in the stands was hit by flying concrete but as far as I know everyone was ok. Good safty equipment saved the day. Bob…

Hey !!!..

Thanks a lot there Bob…Gotta make sure my wife don’t see that one.
She still gets nervous when I’m out on the track. GEEEEZE Bob.
Good video though and no one was hurt…thats good.:huepfen024:

Wow. 1994 is yesteryear…?? Damn. I’m gettin’ old :wink: I just hit the big 4-0 last week…LOL

One thing for sure…if it happened now…and the car went 10 rows deep…nobody would get hurt:sprachlos020:

1994 Video

Bob…who were the people involved in that one? That was pretty wild!

Nice video, thanks. And Jimmy, 40 is not bad sweetie. When women hit 40, you better watch out because they go nuts (sexually) but I don’t really know what 40 does to a man but I hope it does good things for you.

By the way, you going to make it to the Blast from the Past next Saturday (March 7th). Joyce found motel rooms for $40 on the interstate in Wildwood if you want to stay overnight. It is the Motel 8 and $40 plus taxes isn’t bad. Hope to see you there and that brother of your’s also. Let me know so I can find you. Alex and I are going Saturday in hopes that I can write something for karnac about the Citrus races that Saturday night and then of course be there all day for the Blast. Just let me know when you can if you are coming.

Have a great night - Jane

Hey Nancy

Dave Eldrige was the driver of the car that tore down the fence and the figure eight flag stand. The one that bounced down the front straight upside down I don’t recall his name. I think he was from Tampa Riverview area. Therte was a yellow car against the wall who the Tampa guy rolled over the top of and I don’t remember his name either. There were a couple uthers that were involved but old age has clamed my memory. I forgot to talk to Jim today. I’ll try to remember to call tomorrow. Bob…