Not racing but very important

I am sure most of you have heard the terrible news from a certain theme park today. I have had the pleasure of working at that theme park for over 20 years and today we lost one of the most very genuine, caring and nicest people you might have ever met. I ask that you keep her family in your thoughts, prayers or whatever you believe in. I ask that you take a moment to thank goodness for the people in your life, and the things you have going for you no matter how big or small they might seem. You truly never know what lies in store for you 5 minutes from now.

I have worked with her on and off for most of those 20 years and I really think this is what she would say if she could. I have been thinking positive thoughts for Jack and his family all day but honestly this has taken me down to hear this news about two great people who have done so much, for so many people. I know one is gone but will not be forgotten and Jack is going to show us just how strong he really is.

Thanks for your time.

Mike I certainly understand and I am praying for them

It was terrible to hear about today. They truly love those whales, dolphins etc. But it shows how they are wild, and can be unpredictable. You can take some solice in knowing she died what she loved doing. Many of us will die working a job we do not enjoy, wishing we would have tried something we loved. May God Bless the family and give them comfort. Mike I am sorry for your loss as a friend and fellow worker. Take care my friend.

What a sad day. Sea World is my kids favorite park. I didn’t even tell my two youngest about the accident; it would probably change their outlook.

We will remember your friend, Michael.

It is sad but thats the way of nature…

i bought season tickets for me and the kids. we love SW… its gorgeous and the shows are magnificent. However i have had an enormous amount of experience with wildlife and it was inevitable something like this would happen …im sad for this brave woman who obviously loved what she did and i am willing to bet she gave her heart to all of the dolphins and whales she worked with. its nothing personal. they are wild and will NEVER be totally tamed. Im sorry you lost your friend. The last time we were there two dolphins collided and one died…
wild animals belong in the wild and they deserve to be protected… but then again people would not fall in love with them and care about them if they didnt get to see this side of them. their intelligence is amazing… but they are prisoners in a concrete ocean. they will surely have times they hate life. just as we do.
carol aka oz

Mike I will keep you your co-workers family in my prayers.


Mike I too will keep the family in my prayers. I hadn’t heard what happened. I have had my nose in work all day and saw no news. May God be with the famiy. Bob…

Mike, I agree with Rick that Dawn died doing what she loved best. I have had the privilege of meeting Dawn years ago and she was such a wonderful outgoing person. We were at the park for a company picnic when I first got to meet her, the next time was on a class field trip and the last time was through a JDRF event that our group was honored and she was the one performing with the whales.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of her family and friends.