Orlando FAST race schedule

Could someone from FAST or OSW post a schedule of event for that weekend. All it says is start time of 2:30 on Saturday. What is the practice schedule for Friday, gates open on Saturday, practice, qual.? I am coming up from Hialeah, and I was planning on going up Saturday morning. Now it looks like I have to take off work and come up on Friday. Please help. I have to make plans. Thank you.

It is on the Speedworld website !

If you go to the front page of the speedworld website under the intro title it says click here for 5th & 6th schedule it is all scheduled out for both days. There is a night of practice, pit party sponsored by Sonny’s and then more practice etc on Saturday. Hope this helps you.

Thank you.
I checked the site before, but I never saw that until today.

Final question. I have an ABC nose, fender, hood, door, tail, and spoiler, but a 2000 roof and quarter panels. Will I have to add 50 pounds, or will this be OK.

I think Mark Tanner handles that.