anyone want in?

Lap sponsorship for the Jack Smith benefit is at $100/lap. I understand if it is a little too much for some people this year. Anyone who wants to help should have the chance, so Cara and I have bought a lap, and anyone who wants to make a donation of any size can be part of it. Maybe we’ll call it “Friends of KARNAC”, or maybe “Message Board Trolls”, who knows!


you are amazing. great idea to share a lap. there are alot who have given $100 but there are laps left to share. whatever you call yourselves you are angels in disguise… and boy what a disguise!!! thanks! Rex, please make sure the names shared are written on the check or a slip of paper in the envelope. I need to make sure every penny is accounted for. :wink:
carol aka OZ
p.s. thank you Cara… in spite of all you are going thru you still manage to be such a generous caring person. you are special.

I like “Friends of KARNAC” a little better for the name of the group but whatever you want to call it is fine by me.

I wish I could do more and would like to be able to attend the race. I have never been to the track and really ready for a road trip somewhere. Maybe if things do work out for us with my husband’s new position at work I can go.

I wish the best of luck of raising money for the race. I am still working on our fundraiser that is this Saturday.


like Friends of karnac better too but Rex is a troll so he gets sensitive… sure hope you can join us. would love to meet you. we have been socializing on here for quite a few yrs. lol