Blast from The Past

If there is anyone out there that needs any more information let me know.
There will be camping on the premisses Saturday night
There is 2 motels with great rates Motel 8 is $40.00 The Central Motel Is $57.00
Gates open in pit area at 8:00 am
Grand stands 11:00am.
Racing begins at 1:00 pm.
Hope everyone comes out for and action packed day filled with fun and excitement.

Contact Joyce at :352-942-2369
Last minute entries welcome.

It is going to be a BLAST Ms. Joyce and the weather won’t be bad either. Hope both dirt and asphalt drivers come out and join us for a day full of fun and lots and lots of good memories. We are looking forward to seeing alot of old friends and maybe some new friends. See ya there Sunday, Citrus County Speedway for the 2nd Annual Blast from the Past.


blast from past come see the wild and wooly drivers

from the good ole days . some of us still have hair on our heads and fire in our stomach watch when the green flag drops . how we sweep tru the corners holding our breath .

trying to keep our glasses on so we can see the turns folks don’t miss the race of a life time fun for ever one and thanks to ever one for giving us a chance to play like young boys again

and hope the ben gay last as long as the races do thanks have a nice day

              to ever one that put this show on still hooked on racing 

                             RON ABNEY SR 35 open wheel modified::sport009::sport009::sport009:   

remember this sunday 3-7-2010 citrus county speedway 11 am gates open

How did it go today? I wish I could of been there.

Except for the unexpected loss of one of the racers, the day was perfect. Plenty of cars, plenty of drivers, plenty of fans. I don’t think anyone had a bad time. Best race of the day was the Late Model race with Dick Anderson and Perry Lovelady going side-by-side for first and the only dirt car in the pits ended up with the win - Pat Bresnahan. Fantastic race inspite of the tragic death in the pits.

Wooo…what happened…??? Who was it…???

EDIT: Never mind; just saw it in the other thread.

Only one word needed …FAN-TASTIC

Plenty of cars and fans in the pits,very good racin,weather perfect.:huepfen024:

I’m sure there will be more info of the loss of Billy Hancock today after coming off the track, after practice, and suffering a fatal heart attack.


That latemodel race was awesome for sure. Perry and Dickie playing with each other and the dirt boy jumped to the outside and took home the trophy.

That’s one for the dirt boys!!!:huepfen024:

Glad the driver that went over the wall was find because that car was messed up big time!!!