Thank You from Pat Smith

My dad asked me to thank anyone from the karnac board that sent him a Get Well card. Today we went home from rehab with 8,000 Get Well cards in tow. Since he did not know most of the people who sent him cards, he asked me to thank anyone on this board that may have.

Right now dad can’t walk nor get up and down and can’t use his beloved typewriter at all but he can still say thank you for all your kindness and prayers. So thank you from Patrick D. Smith for your prayers and kindness. Please keep the prayers coming as things don’t look real good but your kindness won’t be forgotten.


Wow !!!

8000 cards…Now dat ist kewl…:huepfen024:

This deserves a big ‘thumbs up’…



Hallmark thanks you as well… Let’s see, 8,000 cards at 3 bucks a pop… wow!!
Hey Jane, glad to hear the news he’s home… that is the BEST medicine there is!!

Newspapers from as far as South Carolina back to Florida ran stories on daddy when he fell and got hurt. He got get well cards from all those places and more. I tell you, I was not sure I was going to get all those cards home for him but somehow I did. You wouldn’t think that one book could touch so many people but evidentally it did. Didn’t make him walk again but did put a smile on his face.