Top Gun

[SIZE=“5”][B]Any Air Force guys out there?

I swung by a Custom Car Show in Tarpon Springs
this past weekend and spotted this Street Rod with
an unusual theme, at least I thought so anyway.

I?m always intrigued with the unusual and especially
the gear-head that thinks outside of the box so this
rod with an Air Force theme got my attention.

I loved those simulated machine guns over the windshield
and the one front & center over the grille.

First thing I thought of for a good use for those guns
(activated of course) was to either pick-off those
lemmings still riding around with Obama ? Biden bumper
stickers or blow out the windows in that car backing
everybody up going slow in the fast lane.

Oh yeah, and check out that hand grenade, complete
with pin, for a gear shift knob!


[SIZE=“5”][B]A few more of Top Gun…


Thanks for sharing, Jim.

The gauges look like airplane gauges, and the steering wheel looks like something out of an old bomber. The horn button looks like it might hurt if you hit head on.LOL! Looks like the headlight stands are bolted to the front axle. This thing looks way cool and way fun. Thanks again.

Do you think the guy forgot to take the GPS down when he found to car show?

Great shots (no pun intended)

[SIZE=“4”]Yeah, I have several AF contacts on my mailing list (the AF is one of our clients) and a few mentioned the gauges as appearing to be authentic vintage aircraft as well as the metal seat backings.

Good catch on the headlight mountings though Oneoff. I never spotted that. I’ll bet that makes for an interesting visual at night, especially if the car is coming towards you on a rough road and you’ve had a few adult beverages! LOL.

Check out the 50-Cal slugs used for the side mirror brackets and the outside door handles. [/SIZE]