How was Ocala last night??

Hope no one froze but how was it?? I really like the United Dirt Late Models and had hoped to go but went to the airport instead to get my brother. I hate OIA. Got lost and ended up in the wrong parking lot and had to start all over again. Alex failed last night as co-pilot because he was suppose to make sure I went to the right parking area but we finally got my brother.

Anyway, if anyone has any news from Ocala, would love to hear it. Thanks

wouldn’t that be

some kind of a racing report?

Nope. Just asking how it was and if anyone froze. Did you go?? I wanted to but couldn’t but just wondering how many Dirt Late Models showed however I did hear that Ivedent Lloyd won. Looks like he is starting out the new year on a fantastic note with the first win at Ocala for the Dirt Late Model Challenge Series. Congrats to Ivedent.

Here is the story for last night from Ocala

Looks like Ivedent was dq’d and Keith got the win so congrats to Keith. Nice story B.J. - thanks.

Yep. If you didn’t freeze your (insert body part here) off standing outside of tech until about 2AM, then you missed the REAL story of the night. Honestly, who would have thought that the 21 would be found wrong in tech? It was a total surprise to everyone, including the car owner, the driver, and the crew.

And everyone should say a prayer for Keith Briggs today. The guy has been suffering from some terrible back trouble, yet “took one for the team” as he put it and raced last night. Unfortunately his back gave up on him and he pulled off the track in the final laps, just after taking the lead.

BTW…We raised around $260 for Jack. That money will be passed along shortly from Ocala owner Mike Peters.

Hey, that works!

Jane, just post a link to the race report like you did here… I was never able to find them.

You got it and B.J., I will keep Keith in my prayers also. Hope he gets better soon.