What is the Cost Difference????

What is the cost difference between building a dirt car and an asphalt car?? Do they run about the same to build? And how easy is it to turn an asphalt car into dirt and a dirt car into asphalt?? Have been asked to do a story on this and need some racers input please. So can someone please help me with this question.


jane just about ever thing you want now you buy

you can buy a roller dirt or asphalt late model super late - open wheel dirt or asphalt ’ next you can buy it new or used or you can buy it turn key

write check decide who you want to build you a car there are probably 20 top notch car builders out there dirt or asphalt .

next engine - and ever thing that bolts up behind it plus rear end shocks -springs and all the other goodies . and you can buy some junk that some one else has raced and decided to sell some times you get lucky and get some thing good and some times ------------ now you need a hauler and lot money to keep it running … want to have some fun and got some time

go to www. racingjunk.com then go to asphalt oval pick out a class check out some prices and then go to dirttrackoval pick a class and check them out

then remember some names like bloomquist - cj rayburn . lefthandler . hamkee ; and call them ask for some prices .

then on engines call gaerte - and few engine builders get some prices

and remember there is no warranty on any of this stuff

would you like to buy a 9000.00 crank broke in half cheap or new motor 15000.00 with hole in side of it have some pieces still left or a new wintersquick change that looks like a train hit it sell cheap see ya

also have pile of shocks and busted new tires free :sport009::sport009:

Racingjunk.com is where I found my NAPA car. They have a big section of old ‘cup and busch’ cars there. Some rollers,some race ready like mine.:huepfen024:

Lots of neat stuff there.

jane i’m back not trying to cut you short

but will try to give you an answere it’s better to buy a car for the kind of racing you want to do , dirt buy a dirt car they are built different than asphalt cars things are little higher – center of ride height weight is put in different places fuel cell is mounted higher cars are different as daylight to dark yes you could change a dirt car to asphalt yes you could change an asphalt car to dirt yes you could scale it different

you could move things swap things to different sides and they have had races were dirt cars have set faster times than asphalt cars … race cars aren’t cheap and most owners or drivers if you asked them how much money you got in your car ‘’’

they are not going to be honest … how much do you think it takes to buy a brand new bloomquist dirt late model new motor car ever thing and he will go to track and help you set it up . how about first class open wheel dirt and asphalt open wheel … how lucky would you have to be to buy a used race car at a good price and race it for 10 weeks with out breaking anything and run in top five

come on guys tell us how much do you have in your car be honest
jane wants to know

I was at Hamke race cars when a driver picked up a turn key roller no engine
no trans no clutch but was wired and all dry sump lines in. $42,000.Hamner
spec engine is $17,000 clutch is $1600 depend on size and type.
Tranmission is any where between $4000 and 12,000. This may or may not
be typical. there are to many different ways to do this. A ford built motor
runs as much as $40,000 or more. asphalt cars are square tube frames
with templete fiberglass bodys,dirt cars are pipe frames with fabricated
alum. bodys.I think dirt cars front susp. is similar but rear susp. are totally
different. Ithink the dirt cars are a lot cheaper but since I never messed
them I am not sure. hope this helps.Oh yea this is a super late model. there
are as many diff kinds of dirt cars as there are classes of asphaltcars.


[B][I]Class for class, dirt or asphalt will run about the same price. A race ready Super Late Model, asphalt or dirt will cost you an easy 65,000$//70,000$, whichever way you look at it. If you decide to use the S.o.t.A. road, it will go up. The paved car has more money in brakes, the dirt car has more money in rear suspension silverware. Body work (ABC style) is very expensive too on pavement.

Change over paved to dirt or vice versa??? Hmmm!!! Not really if you race to be competitive. A paved car is built way too stiff & heavy for dirt, rectangular tubing for frame compare to small round tube for dirt, 1’‘1/2 roll cage compare to 1’'3/4 for paved, and so on. Not a good road to use. One thing nice too see is dirt cars on pavement, like they do at Airborne Speedway in NY, Dirt Mods 358 as a local class, they average 25+ of them every saturday night. Very good & entertaining show.

As for a Bloomquist car, even the best interrogator of CIA could not make him say how much, but according to underground sources close to action, be prepare to spread close to 100,000 US $ for one of those black and green babe.[/I][/B]

I do know that the United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series here in Florida has run asphalt at Charlotte County Motorsports Park. Then Rusty had a dirt late model tour come into Monroe Motor Speedway last year. Sorry to say, not many of the dirt came really went to the asphalt race - maybe 13 to 14 at the most but they did race on asphalt. I don’t know how much they had to change but maybe I can find out from one of the dirt guys that went to Charlotte. I know they still had the same dirt car but had to make some changes for the asphalt but if anyone does know what, I would appreciate the info on that also.

do you remember when 20.000 .00

would buy you a truck a open trailer with tire rack on top a box of tools you built your own car the whole car . and have money left over

you went to races took five people with you plus whole family run high test gas in race car won race stopped at royal castle or wimpys or pancake house fed ever body and had money

left over to pay rent and when you got home ever thing was still on trailer and no body had stole any thing and that was hiealeah or hollywood fla

We will probably say the same in 20 years when a top notch, highest class race car will cost 200,000$, run on liquid nitrogen, tireless, and what else!|!!!