Bristol Tix Proceeds for Jack Smith

[SIZE=“4”][B]This is a auction on this message board
for my season tickets (two seats) for the
upcoming NASCAR races at Bristol this coming
March 19th, 20th, and 21st.

These great seats are located side-by-side high up in
the Allison Terrace (above “The Allisons” grandstand)
in the center of the front straightaway behind the
start / finish line, Section H, Row 9 not far off of the isle.

The seats are the same for both the Nationwide & the
Sprint Cup race. See the entire racetrack including all
of the pit action right in front of you.

I currently have these seats listed on Ebay HERE.

These seats have many additional amenities which you
can read about on the Ebay auction page.

OK, here?s the deal.

I?m going to offer these tickets on the board here for
registered members to bid on while at the same time
leave them on Ebay until they are sold either here or there.

These tickets have a face value of $370.

If the Ebay auction runs its full course, (that is if no one
on the outside takes advantage of the ?Buy It Now? price
of $370) it ends on Saturday, March 13, at about 7:36 EST.

We?ll run this auction through to noon Sunday, March 14, 2010.

The benefit or incentive for Karnicians to bid here (instead
of on Ebay) is that I?ll accept any amount for them from a
starting price of $25 to a maximum, or ?Buy It Now? price
of $249 from a registered board member.

Whereas the starting price I have on Ebay begins at $250
and goes up.

As you can see, as of this posting there are no bids
on the Ebay auction. If someone bids higher than my starting
price on Ebay than according to Ebay policy I cannot stop that
auction and I?ll have no choice but to stop the auction here.

Conversely, if the Ebay auction runs its course with no
bids higher than my starting price of $250, then the highest
bidder here wins the tickets, no matter the price.

Also keep in mind that if a board member was to step up
and bid the highest bid possible here of $249, which is
actually the Karnician?s ?Buy It Now? price, then I would
stop the Ebay auction immediately and the seats are his or hers.

If the tickets are sold here on the board, I will donate
100% of the sale to Jack Smith.

If the tickets are sold on Ebay,
I will donate 75% of the sale to Jack Smith.

Anybody got any questions, don?t hesitate to ask.

All right everybody out there in Karnician Land, let?s
get up off your wallets for Jack!



Jim ~~~ about Jack…

you are an amazing kind man…I went to see Jack last night. Although he is making progress he still has a long way to go. He is walking a little with the help of a walker… Next he will try to walk a little with a cane. They took the staples out of his back. He has a zipper scar about 2 feet long. The bruises are really colorful. Deep dark purple. It is so sad to see him like he is but also gratifying that he is with us. Theres still a long way to go.
He is nervous because already his mailbox is full of medical bills. I told him not to worry because we will help him with his household bills and the rest can be worked out with the hospital. All that matters is that Jack gets well and he and his family have a roof over their heads and full stomachs. I bought JJ an ice cream and his face lit up so bright. I kind of miss having him around but he seems happy to be back in his own room… Jack was able to eat a little of his ice cream. So he is making strides but extremely humble… He gets tears in his eyes thinking about all the people in racing who have been supporting him in many ways. Thank you so much Jim for your generosity! You are such a special part of our racing family! You and JC!
carolwicks aka OZ

the money that was collected already was used to buy an electric recliner so Jack can sit with Kathy for awhile in their tv room. It is easy to operate as you just push a button and it reclines. All he has to do is fight with the cat for a seat! So to those who have sent money, your gift will be a long time asset to Jack…and the cat!

[SIZE=“4”]Thanks Carol, and thanks for the update on Jack.

I realize that attending races or any other type of
entertainment venue, especially if it involves travel
and lodging, is difficult to impossible for many folks
to consider given today?s economic climate.

Many are struggling to just keep groceries on the
table and a roof overhead.

I was just hoping that possibly we could catch
someone that might already be in the area or maybe
passing through and the ability to pickup seats like
these for possibly as low as fifty or a hundred bucks
for three-days worth of racing at NASCAR’s most popular
venue might sway them to consider attending.

To those of you that are seeing this and might have
an interest but aren?t registered for whatever reason,
or maybe have a friend or relative that doesn?t monitor
this board but has an interest in racing, just know that
you can simply register just for this purchase, no problem.

Remember gang, this is an attempt for a win-win situation
for both the Smith family and a Karnac board member so
please consider this offer.

Thanks all!

[SIZE=“4”]Sadly, both auctions are now over without any results.

Thanks Karnac for providing a forum through which
we can try to help those members of the racing
community that find themselves in need through
no fault of their own. [/SIZE]